Pigeons – Cute animation cartoon

Pigeons Animation Short by: Sandra Püttner, Franziska Miller, Johannes Englert & Phil Röger Sound by Flo Oswald.

21 Responses to “Pigeons – Cute animation cartoon”

  1. Isabela Sky says:

    I think the moral of the story is that Be Thankful of what your Perents or
    Guardians Can give you, because you dont know how hard their working for
    that just for you.?

  2. Humoreo Luego Río says:

    ¿O tal vez es este?

  3. ?hildspTV says:


  4. Mike Zilla says:

    2:06 I don’t think this is how physics work…?

  5. DragonSword227 says:

    These birds kinda look like the pigeons from the animated short before
    monsters inc. started playing.?

  6. Coke says:

    omg its flappy bird’s offsprings kill them!?

  7. Rin Watanabe says:

    monster inc + angry birds = Pigeons – Cute animation cartoon?

  8. Anu Priya says:

    God helps those who help themselves. 🙂 ?

  9. firmly grasp it says:

    Theres no moral to the story you fking muds malls, just enjoy ?

  10. Jim Reyes says:

    El vídeo es muy triste 7 _7?

  11. Victoria Lynn says:

    seriously? the score couldn’t be sumthing original??

  12. noah brown says:

    Ehh, not really cute, or funny, bad audio and graphics…?

  13. Theresa Trummer says:

    Hu wahts to b my frend?

  14. MOR gueta says:

    1:49 i knew that would be their first idea!?

  15. Animatix says:

    Hey! Watch check out short cartoons on my channel?

  16. Grammar Nazi says:

    This is acceptable for a graduation project, but as a team project? it
    looks like shit. ?

  17. Zila Hameed says:

    Awwww they look like cupcakes so cute 🙂 ?

  18. Allan Pui says:

    fabulous. they like the cake much more. awesome to know, pigeons know how
    to think. haha?

  19. Skyice Vasquez says:

    flappy bird is trying to take over youtube!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  20. Shadow Brine says:

    monsters inc music?

  21. Craks Gamer says:

    solo pueden dar like los que hablan español?

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