Photoshop version 1

Photoshop version 1

Image editing done with Adobe Photoshop 1.0 software (released 1990) on Macintosh Plus computer (from 1986) with 1-bit (black&white) display, 8MHz CPU and 4M…
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21 Responses to “Photoshop version 1”

  1. superviewer says:

    Photoshop originated from the idea to fake greyscales on a black and white

  2. Hy Nguy?n says:

    Seem like the first ps already fully tools but why there are only black and

  3. Huston Raker says:

    Versão 1.0 do Photoshop. Ufa ainda bem que não to nesta época.?

  4. GuitarWholesale says:

    You can tell that the guy was a pro at Photoshop 1.0?

  5. SaMPng Sam perry says:

    This guy is awesome!!!!!?

  6. martin27 says:

    abdobe photoshop?

  7. dhanesh sr says:

    *Adobe Photoshop 1.0* in a Macintosh Plus computer (from 1986) with 1-bit
    (black&white) display, 8MHz CPU and 4MB RAM.?

  8. Carl-Philip Hänsch says:

    Was Software damals alles schon konnte
    Photoshop version 1?

  9. Yumi Stern says:

    WOW! First Steps to Sucess

  10. prettywikked11 says:

    hah who needs photoshop cs5 when you have this. the world was so much
    easier in black and white.


    YO! that’s some scary shit! I,m going to have nightmares, look at all that
    art ruin.

  12. Computer Clan says:

    Look at that awesome Windows computer running that software that was so
    advanced from the time. Oh wait… it’s a Mac. My mistake.

  13. code123ns says:

    I really wonder about that, once those chip manufacturers rush to get them
    to market and figure out that the firmware has a bug once it’s already in
    the brain.

  14. Danyel Morales says:

    DOWNLOAD THE SOURCE CODE OF PHOTOSHOP V 1.0 computer history.o

  15. ghost2031 says:

    i saw a picture of ps1 and it got my interest because i saw some icons i
    know from the newer ps versions but seeing this i am actually amazed what
    was already possible back then. cool video.

  16. enigmamonkey92 says:

    speedy menus right there

  17. kbegemotHD says:

    The source code of Photoshop 1 is now available 🙂

  18. H3llionCinema says:

    Of course the ones who are afraid of the future (sorry pal but that is
    where we are heading) will simply be small fraction. This is similar to
    what we have know and we call them ”Amish”. Ray Kurzweil describes what I
    have mentioned quite perfectly. Lastly no one is forcing you, you will
    simply die much younger then the rest of “us” …

  19. j0han1 says:

    The gray is from YouTube’s compression, it’s only black and white.

  20. Kerten says:

    Thanks man, this was pretty helpful.?

  21. manlysometimes says:

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