PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Matching Foreground and Background #26

In this video I show you a super fast technique for matching the colour between the foreground and background when retouching composite images so that everyt…
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TURN ON ANNOTATIONS! Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to carve Egyptian hieroglyphics and custom text into a subterranean, stone wall. Stone Wall: https://d…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Glyn Dewis says:

    *PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Matching Foreground and Background #26*

    For today’s video which is now Episode 26 I’m covering something I recorded
    a while back but amongst a much longer video containing several other

    So, just in case you missed it here’s a quick way for matching the colour
    between the foreground and the background in a composite image.

    Hope you ‘Like’ it and feel free to share with others.
    Thanks, Glyn

    Read the full blog post here:

    PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Matching Foreground and Background?

  2. Joe Atkins says:

    top tip as always – thanks man.?

  3. Indonesia says:

    +Glyn Dewis please give me the download links for the pictures you used
    above, for practice purposes.?

  4. Phil B says:

    Thanks for that great tip.
    You sort of look like Marcin Gortat.?

  5. Christopher Townsend says:

    We’re making movie posters in my graphic communications class, and this
    really made my poster look much nicer. Thank you.?

  6. EXQD2 says:

    Da Balls?

  7. Jay Wyatt says:

    This works beautifully in Paint Shop Pro as well. THANK YOU. :-)?

  8. Uros Zunic says:

    Thank you very much :)?

  9. Meira Vich says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!?

  10. jason williams says:

    Colour blending.

    Was talking to some guys who have just started and thought they would find
    this useful.

    Video by +Glyn Dewis?

  11. jrsmoots says:


  12. 1980Cog says:

    This is the way I blend for simple backgrounds like walls but putting
    people into landscape scenes (to me) it just doesn’t look right. The blend
    of the sky colours and landscape put onto the person still leaves them
    looking stuck in.?

  13. billy Acannibal says:

    you are simply AWESOME thanks very much for all the lessons and the videos
    you make
    its really helpful

    you rock :D?

  14. MindOnTheMatter says:

    Peace and Thanks for your wonderful tutorials…

    I attempted to download the meroitic hieroglyphics fonts and received and
    error message regarding some corruption in the file. Can you please assist
    me with this issue??

  15. CaptainLoveMachine says:

    Can we start calling you King Tut now? Haha! Thanks for the great tutorial
    Marty! You rule Muhmannn!?

  16. KON KOR says:

    SO NICE ?

  17. Donna Johnson says:

    Can this be done with photoshop elements 11 and if so can you tell me how??

  18. Hichem Habbo-Alpha says:

    i have used RGB and 8bits/Channel but nothing has changed?

  19. Raymond St Paul says:

    I really like your tutorials always inspires me to keep doing stuff with my
    software knowing someone still teaches me in a step by step manner. ?

  20. Carl Dutchin says:

    Would you save it as CMYK mode to print it??

  21. David Downham says:

    Fantastic tutorial Marty; I managed to replicate it almost as perfectly as
    your tutorial. Thanks David (in the UK)?

  22. Vyjebanakurva1000 says:

    Where did layer 3 come from suddenly??

  23. manchesterblue2007 says:

    awesome dude :)?

  24. ProPc Omar says:


  25. METAGALAXIS04 says:

    Thank you very much?

  26. M-61 says:

    Excellent tutorial?

  27. Bobbie Johnson says:

    Even if another project doesn’t involve Heiroglyphics, the techniques you
    taught can be used in many other ways. Very well done. Thank you?

  28. Akram Ali says:

    your works are par excellence. Your help towards learners is appreciable.
    Thank you very mcuh. let us learn through your tutorials?

  29. James Marshall says:

    I can not wait to do the next Blue Lightning TV Design, these designs are
    outstanding and helpful to understand the language of photoshop. I tried
    to do the on the 3D lettering, but I am using CS5 and that tutorial is
    meant for CS6! , (the hieroglyphics is in my contact
    area)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  30. ??c Lê says:

    Tks it’s amazing?

  31. RANGO Arts says:

    Hey Marty.. i think u made a MISTAKE.. from where the light is shining the
    shadows of the text should be facing the other direction.. and thanx for
    the tutorial dude… u’r awsome if not the best on Youtube..?

  32. Blue Lightning TV says:
  33. Smart Productions says:

    Fantastic tutorial. Thanks very much. Exactly what I was looking for.
    Loads more amazing videos to watch too. Subscribed.?

  34. EDI SALAZAR says:


  35. Mohamed El jallouli says:

    Thanks…you are the best…?

  36. Roberto Braicovick says:


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