Photoshop tutorial – how to create amazing black and white photos photoshop tutorial – In this tutorial i show you how to create stunning black and white photos in photoshop cs5.
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  1. Rachael Hundley says:

    Uuuuuuuuuuug, thank you sooo much!!!!?

  2. MigCar Fabre says:

    that’s what i’m talking about, great stuff..
    i will use this for my batch automation..thank you men?

  3. Jason Garner says:

    Great TooT! ?

  4. Jeffrey Dean says:

    Very Cool!!! It was quite simple and very straight forward. Thanks!!?

  5. Eric Morrison says:

    Very helpful, and your skills in demonstration are very good. Thank you.?

  6. moon rider says:

    u explanation is as clean as water. Thxs….. 🙂 🙂 :)?

  7. Mr Smee says:

    Nicely done, quick and simple?

  8. Moods Image says:

    oh yea!!!!!?

  9. Clifton Rhodes says:

    That was nice very easy to do.

  10. 721MrG says:

    wow impressive but yet so simple :O thank you! subscribed!

  11. rosalyne carter says:

    Hello, are you familiar with “Photo SFXart Tricks” (search on Google for
    it)? There you will find a useful free video showing the right way to take
    fantastic photos. It made it possible for Joe to make photographs which
    have a jaw-dropping-effect whenever you take a look at them. I hope it
    works for you too.

  12. Baltazar Aplacador says:


  13. joe saville says:

    Many thanks!!

  14. jeradvoltes5 says:

    very informative!!! thank you

  15. Tommy Mathews says:

    Thank you!

  16. Jonathan Peña says:

    Awesome. But I just loved the picture with color in the first place.

  17. Brandon Stephen says:

    Thanks for the video, means a lot. I’ve been trying to find ways to just
    improve the photo quality taken from my Samsung WB100 camera. This and your
    color improvement videos helped A LOT. Subscribed. 🙂

  18. Melinda McCulla says:

    I found the video very delightful and helpful however, when I took my photo
    to the soft light, It brightened up the photo like yours did but then when
    I clicked on black and white, it dulled the color and that was it. No black
    and white 🙁

  19. Creative Astro TV says:

    Thanks 🙂

  20. attila diallo says:

    that was a nice one..cheers

  21. Creative Astro TV says:

    you r welcome

  22. JonnaBeats says:


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