Photoshop Tutorial: How to Add Fog to Your Photo – PLP #112 by Serge Ramelli

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Add Fog to Your Photo – PLP #112 by Serge Ramelli”

  1. Tyssul Evans says:

    You ruined a good tutorial with far to much of your own sales crap.Bad idea Surge.,,-Please don’t do it again, I for one will stop all contact with you and definitely
    UN-Subscribe. If I wanted something I would ask you and don’t need it shuved down my throat.
    Otherwise a great Tutorial-Thank you.?

  2. Juan Garza says:

    What a great tutorial and you explained everything step by step for
    beginners like myself. You have a new subscriber sir.?

  3. Mike Armstrong says:

    Well done editing. Video problem in that the large banner ad takes up too
    much of the screen. Thanks.?

  4. Ramtin Kazemi says:

    EEX KEY?

  5. Amy Louhela says:

    Thank you!!! ?

  6. Mike Montalvo says:

    Photoshop Tutorial: How to Add Fog to Your Photo?

  7. BKMPictures says:

    Love the look!?

  8. Constance Lamoureux says:

    Bonjour Serge… Est-ce que l’on peut voir tes vidéos en francais ???
    merci à l’avance?

  9. burningsunz says:

    i just have to subscribe..?

  10. Baz Anderson says:

    Cheers and Thanks Serge.?

  11. qpopuiuzmnmb says:

    hmm…your screen feed is slightly cropped…which means I cant see which
    tools at the bottom and left u r using?

  12. Team-Shmo says:

    That was awesome. I did not think the effect would come out looking as
    nice, but it really did make a huge difference once applied.?

  13. Serge Ramelli says:
  14. Fis Vis says:

    So many ads, so little contend?

  15. helpaholic says:

    Because your screen is cropped it really has me thinking that your trying
    to hide something.?

  16. hkkbs says:
  17. Jonas Feddersen says:

    “It’s pretty much sh*t” 15:10?

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