Photoshop Tutorial Create Web icons + Navigation Bar

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: We will create these web icons in the following video a…
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17 Responses to “Photoshop Tutorial Create Web icons + Navigation Bar”

  1. loomyloomydah says:

    how do people have conversations like this?

  2. Hugo M-D says:

    Yeah, You do need to turn off High Quality then it will work!

  3. James Stephenson says:

    I would suggest using the pen tool or transformed vector triangle to make
    the envelope flap. That pencil tool looks like a donkey’s back end.

  4. mstroshi says:

    hey im new to photoshop ,,,umm how do you get the new document to be
    moveable,, mine doesnt have the minimize, max and the close button on the
    top right corner??

  5. aStarlinq says:

    If You are wondering how to add a drop down menu to a navigation bar click
    on my channel and my video will help you

  6. koollifestudio says:

    where is the next video i cant fine it

  7. MrSpyderman1979 says:

    What is the complete size of the icons?

  8. technoBRAD says:

    thanks this is going to be added to my site im makeing which is going to be
    a very big site its a gpt site

  9. eBookAddict says:

    amazing walkthrough, thanks!

  10. Rodvinsky says:

    slice tool?

  11. Getrduncardinals says:

    yes this was a great Tutorial i will deffinitly join the sight great job

  12. Andrew Dotson says:

    amazing videos, good tips

  13. arsenal2wins says:

    lol bug in HQ 25 mins = 13 seconds XDDD

  14. calebiosu says:

    that’s the name

  15. Antombe says:

    Great tutorial was helping me alot 🙂

  16. TutorialConr says:

    He is a YouTube Partner, he has special privilages

  17. lSUPAlsonic says:

    ur page should be call “just like that”

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