Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Tips on Adobe Photoshop Gradient Tools

The gradient tool in Adobe Photoshop actually adds a fade to an image or layer in the program of any color that can be drastic or subtle. Learn about this Ad…
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My Photography & Adobe Photoshop Tips & Tricks Episode 22 - How To Fix Unwanted Hair In A Image

My Quick And Easy Adobe Photoshop & Photography Tutorials. Come join me as I go throughout my daily image editing and Photoshop workflow. Learn new ideas and…
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5 Responses to “Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Tips on Adobe Photoshop Gradient Tools”

  1. listentometalk says:

    thanks man big help!

  2. Dave Otterby says:

    whatever happened to ‘shut up! if you dont have anything kind to say’? I
    can hear you fine dude, and this helped me out a bunch. Thanks!

  3. kylecorreia says:

    wtf y r u whispering?

  4. xanaduzt says:

    nice! thks

  5. lordkazama86 says:

    might be the worst guide ever, you are mumbling

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