PhotoShop Tips & Howto’s: Fake Tattoos

PhotoShop Tips & Howto's: Fake Tattoos

In this PhotoShop tips & howto’s video i show you how you can put Fake Tattoos onto yourself, friends, family or just random people from google like i did; i…
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21 Responses to “PhotoShop Tips & Howto’s: Fake Tattoos”

  1. phancypheet says:

    whoa you sound like you’re 8 years old.

  2. AnonymousHot says:

    I had to post in this video. It is terrible… The constant moving of the
    camera made me want to throw up on my keyboard. Maybe when you stop moving
    the camera around you can actually teach someone how to do it.

  3. casanova1135 says:

    what is “that button” that you said? i cant find it. the one that bends it
    and puts the layer into blocks

  4. filipride100 says:

    hey, u smart kid!

  5. Hughey Freeman says:

    how do you re-size the image you paste in?

  6. JUNIO2RBA4RRON says:

    good video

  7. melmelgx21 says:

    actually you really cant tell… are you a boy or girl?

  8. Deep4ME says:

    cool . I Luv ur voice.

  9. phancypheet says:

    altering the opacity ruined it imo. many tattoos are pretty black. maybe 90
    or 95 would suffice

  10. baghdadx says:

    many thanks mate it was usefull

  11. spice75111 says:

    awesome! 5/5 i luv ur accent!

  12. DA7GLUCKSTER says:

    15???!!! u sound like ur 6!!!!!!! im not even tryin to be mean its true

  13. Skeeneer says:

    realisefate thats mean lol

  14. joecox406 says:

    @tarina94 i love his to xD

  15. 323AlwaysPlan says:

    @casanova1135 click where it says “GROUP” and change it into “Layer”. You
    will noe be able to move it around

  16. casanova1135 says:

    oh tyvm

  17. phancypheet says:

    ctrl +T (or commmand + T on a mac) and then hold shift, then simply drag
    one of the corner edges inwards. holding shift stops it from losing its
    original form

  18. kissmykuyuk says:

    dude where did you get that tattoo

  19. tarina94 says:

    LOL joe some dude likes your accent XD

  20. joecox406 says:

    My accent?

  21. phancypheet says:

    edit > transform > warp is how you get that tool to work. I have no idea
    what button he was talking about, must be an older version or something i
    really dont know xD

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