Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

Photoshop CS6 launched just a few months ago, and what most people have been asking me is not make more Photoshop CS6 tutorials, but whether or not they shou…
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How to create a static website using photoshop and dreamweaver. I will go through the process of designing and converting it into slices and then onto dreamw…

47 Responses to “Photoshop CS6 Tutorials”

  1. Cogent MIP says:

    guys are gonna be extending something else with this tool hahah ?

  2. Jorge Santana says:

    Enjoyed your tutorial. It’s obvious you know CS6. As a retired college
    professor with over 40 years experience, you do a great job. Do you have a
    tutorial on highlighting a person and blurring the other persons in the

  3. Robyn Swick says:

    This is a great video!?

  4. Richard Willson says:

    Outstanding love all your tutorials iv learned so much from you ?

  5. Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Serial Number says:

    excellent. thanks?

  6. Jerome OConnor says:

    This was a pretty good tutorial, quick and too the point. However, I think
    the Oil Paint is next to worthless. ?

  7. Abdul Salam says:


  8. Creighton Burns says:

    Thank you!! Totally worth buying!?

  9. Odysseas Stampolidhs says:

    Keep the good job !?

  10. Connie Grippin says:

    Excellent videos…well done!?

  11. Shireen Goosen Alberts says:

    Very informative – thank you very much!?

  12. Nazrul Islam says:

    NICE ?

  13. Adobe Photoshop Cs6 serial number says:

    keep the good job?

  14. MASOOD niz says:

    I love your videos you i learn a lot of things from your tutorials?

  15. Ka Chun Ng says:

    cant use the Oil Painting…. help me!!?

  16. Crow Asyan says:

    Could you please put pictures you’re working on for download, so I can
    focus more on learning rather on finding similar pics to work on, it would
    be a great help. Also, pretty, pretty, pretty good tutorials ?

  17. jagadeeswaran natarajan says:


  18. Yositha Pallewela says:

    Can you post Pictures also??

  19. Mitchell K says:

    Photoshop CS6 is free?

  20. Goth amer says:


  21. Eka tirta says:

    Tutorial photoshop..?

  22. Grant Hendrick says:

    A nice paced Photoshop CS6 tutorial.?

  23. Luc Beer says:

    Will this website center on all screens??

  24. YAT?S says:

    I see that little pirate bay!!?

  25. momto o says:

    19:33 I have a background how you can also make nice than a black corner of
    your screen?

  26. Syturio says:

    i cant align my website to center, i have done everything isactly like you
    did, someone help me?

  27. George Woodman says:

    Omg Flew are you from Bristol??

  28. TamaraDirectioner says:

    what buttons ctrl + what to get rid of the blue lines 14:33 ??

  29. Petrov Mahorin says:

    This was the easiest tutorial to follow?

  30. Angela G. says:


  31. Joost van de Pas says:

    Hey! Great tutorials, but i really want a topnav which stays whenever you
    scroll down your page. Please help me!?

  32. youness bejdadi says:

    Thanks man i really apperciate this tutorial :D?

  33. Johnny CoLtd. says:

    font pls ?

  34. In2graphix says:

    thank you awesome video ! can you give me any tips or tell me how to make a
    photo gallery , or something like when the mouse goes over and the image
    gets bigger insted openning on a new page…. i hope you can help me thank

  35. CraggieDzn says:

    How did you move your video from being underneath the design? I can’t seem
    to get mine to move up to be underneath the text? Can anyone help please??

  36. Irun Mon says:

    Design tutorial with no mac? this is rare.?

  37. RemakeDesignz says:

    (Thanks man!) but how do i upload it??

  38. nikos frantzis says:

    really nice tutorial?

  39. Mubarak Ahmad says:

    Nice one man! Computer part of your Talents… I see. 😉
    So helpful! ?

  40. Saw Grunts says:

    The best designers on YouTube are designers of the gaming community lol?

  41. Edward Cotty says:

    Thanks mate this was super helpful :D?

  42. Dave Jones says:

    Are you related to Vicky

  43. Paul Reed says:

    I wish I could like this video a million times! I am new to web design and
    learned a tremendous amount watching this!!?

  44. D'jay kay says:

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on such a great tutorial. It
    helped me quite considerably make progress within my web development saga.

    Secondly, Anyone that has followed this tutorial and has found purple or
    black boarders around images, or problems in the arrangement in slices when
    previewing your website in internet explorer 10, then please add the
    following to the style section in the css code.

    a img { border:none;

    This will eradicate any problems regarding purple boarders or the
    arrangements of slices.

    Hope it helps.?

  45. Andrea Burgio says:

    thanks bro, this helped me alot?

  46. Ulquiorra Cifer says:

    You speak a bit too fast for me. English is my 2nd language but thanks alot

  47. Johann Beatrice says:

    Lol at the piratebay bookmark.?

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