Photoshop CS5 – Phan 1 – Bai 1 – Cai dat Photoshop CS5

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Photoshop provided support for right to left reading order text in previous versions with the “Middle Eastern”, or “ME” Editions. That functionality is no lo…
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21 Responses to “Photoshop CS5 – Phan 1 – Bai 1 – Cai dat Photoshop CS5”

  1. Lattaru Okuta says:

    L?y, ko h?u j @.@?

  2. Van Duoc Pham says:
  3. Linh Thuy says:

    bác ?i có th? d?y t? ??u k? :d

  4. ?oàn ??c M?nh says:

    tìm google ??y ra…hình t??ng t? c?ng ?c r?i k c?n ph?i là hình trong
    video ?âu

  5. D?ng Tr??ng says:

    bác này nói hay nh? hát nh? khó hi?u qu? windows 2000

  6. Soul Of Storm says:

    nói hay nh? hát à. a tát cho bj h

  7. Truong005 says:

    Xin các b?n cho h?i nh?ng hình ?nh th?y Hi?u dùng ?? d?y mình ph?i tìm ?
    ?âu ?? th?c t?p. Xin cám ?n tr??c.

  8. Niso Zakuto says:

    Thank you, appreciated?

  9. says:

    There is nothing more frustrating than when you are working on a poster and
    you can’t get Farsi text working.. Thanks for this from an Afghan.?

  10. Marwa Basuoni says:


  11. Paola says:

    You’re a rock star! Many thanks from Beirut!
    Any chance for a template for illustrator, too?

  12. Valerie Div?sen says:

    This works wonderfully on my school computers, but it does not work at home
    because I still use CS2. (Stone age, I know! :P) I managed to find a work
    around for CS2 though! (It should work on all versions.) It’s a fairly
    patchwork method, but the results are good. I will post a tutorial in a few
    days if anyone is interested.?

  13. Valerie Div?sen says:

    Thank you soooo much for this! 😀 I was so distraught when I first tried to
    type in Farsi and everything was backwards. xD?

  14. trance artery says:

    thank you bro

  15. Nima Hamidi says:

    Thank you very much! very helpfull and very straight to point (Y)

  16. Ilsin Eisaikhani says:

    Thanks this was really helpful!

  17. sahara man says:

    thank you

  18. Gert-Jan Vanhoorde says:

    hi, i downloaded PS but the text automaticly goes from right to left, and i
    want ir from left to right, nothing works (type -> language options) Help
    me :'(

  19. ultaKHAN says:

    this really worked……….Thanks

  20. Draey says:

    why cant I space more than once 🙁 ?

  21. Afshin Art says:

    Thank you Michael That was helpful

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