Photoshop CS5 and CS6 Tutorial – How To Cut Out Images (Refine Edge)

Sorry I haven’t been able to post any videos lately! In this tutorial you will learn how to extract images from other images! It’s fairly simple, if you have…

Photoshop CS5: Blending multiple images together | tutorial

This Photoshop CS5 tutorial discusses how to work with the Blend Mode menu to combine multiple images together. Watch more at…
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27 Responses to “Photoshop CS5 and CS6 Tutorial – How To Cut Out Images (Refine Edge)”

  1. Catherine Weiss says:

    I cant do this shit fucken 41 and fucken non photo shop women lol not?

  2. Zekrom TheWolf says:

    Can someone explain this in words for me??

  3. Dimas putra says:

    Thanks dude very helpful.?

  4. Kevin D. Leon says:

    lol haha whatever man thanks worked out for me?

  5. Milos Dabanovic says:


  6. Saeed ibrahim masharawi says:

    Thanks man , you help me very much?

  7. Latoya Collins says:

    Very helpful! Thanks! ?

  8. Marland Kennedy says:

    I’ve cut my image but how do I shrink it, like you able to shrink the dog??

  9. beugzy ham says:

    “CS5 and CS6” ?

  10. Joefer DaDude says:

    So funny and I learnd new S**T.?

  11. Resologist says:

    Learn how to use a microphone.?

  12. menicraft6 says:

    you are right the thing works better than the other S@$#?

  13. PlagaXTifi says:

    Excellent tutorial, thanks! Now I’m gonna challenge myself with more
    sophisticated hair pictures! :D?

  14. Nancy Swiger says:

    Always looking for great info on blending modes and how each one works!?

  15. Chris Orwig says:

    What to learn how to use blending modes in Photoshop??

  16. Jay Geater says:

    What to learn how to use blending modes in Photoshop??

  17. Mourad BOUZID says:

    What to learn how to use blending modes in Photoshop??

  18. Chiana Coronis says:

    amazing tutorial, thank you so much!

  19. Ljupce Kimov says:

    how did you delete the background of the TEMPLE building ???

  20. eriflava says:

    i can’t blend any image please tell me, what is my mistake?

  21. MartinTheMade says:

    Great job! Thumbs up! =)

  22. phantomht1320 says:

    @MrLjupa Eraser Tool? on the Temple layer

  23. Thatoneoddperson says:

    I’m trying that but it comes out black and white, not color. :/ Maybe it’s
    because I’m a windows user. :[

  24. Nickil Dhokia says:

    You’re so easy to listen to.

  25. MazterKazper says:

    ur tha best man thank u soooo much!!!!

  26. aadirimz says:

    i liked this one so much…. thnx

  27. XrKhaos says:

    Thank youuu. 😀 helped alot.

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