Photoshop CS4 Tutorial #2: Changing Background (HD)

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial #1: Blending (HD) This is in my opinion the easiest way too change the background! **************************************** ** his vid…
Video Rating: 4 / 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 Responses to “Photoshop CS4 Tutorial #2: Changing Background (HD)”

  1. gyn95 says:

    You are the best! Thanks a lot !?

  2. Raveen Nandica says:

    thanks soo much (Y)?

  3. Donald Cagle says:

    Oh my sooo much easier. Thanks?

  4. Akman says:

    nice song

  5. Soccerboy801 says:

    Hi, whenever I do that, the magic eraser sometimes takes a few bits of the
    picture away, or makes it look like it has bad quality. Is that normal?

  6. jaan693 says:

    thanks man .. u rocks

  7. Tsukishiro Yukito says:

    i don’t understand has 21 dislikes

  8. NotTheRealKatyB says:

    Please can you upload some more? I’m new with photoshop and this really

  9. CypereZe says:

    @fazliserin Search on Google for Abyss HD wallpaper and it’ll come up. What
    do you mean, with a signature?

  10. CypereZe says:

    @shocky147 Doesn’t matter.

  11. zuko1001 says:

    dude is that not the doctor from scrubs

  12. fanzboyx says:

    @CypereZe what recording tool do you use in this video ?

  13. markBG007 says:

    as a newbie for me this tutorial is 5stars… tnx much

  14. xavierhervin says:

    man im gonna love you. i have been try replace the color on my project
    about 1 week,almost give up.finally i learn it. thank you so much. 5star
    for this.

  15. pary840 says:

    woow , perfect , makes it to use so easy well, how can i save the image
    itself to my document , I saved it but it open with the program ?

  16. kathir kathiraven says:

    man its fantastic!!!!!! ur really great!!!!!!!!

  17. joakisime says:

    Nice tutorial Dude 😀

  18. exgecko says:

    @CypereZe hmm….:D like how to give a lightning around the pic maybe :D?

  19. pappa542 says:

    why can’t i free transform?

  20. Nabolzi says:

    worst music ever, go kill yourself

  21. XzoDe Yoo says:

    FFS i dont have any freaking Bucket!=!=!=!= gimme bucket!

  22. Ishu Arora says:

    wait i don’t have a photobuket tool what should i do

  23. DETHLY .KILLER says:

    just go on google and search Adobe Photoshop CS4

  24. Yvonne Eusebio says:

    How can i download the adobe?

  25. LoveAlazia says:

    “ANGRY and beaten up CD” !!! HAHAHA Love it!

  26. chrisoverton1 says:

    Fantastic, i have learned so much from you

  27. Joe Kennedy says:

    Your a proffesional!

  28. LordKacj says:

    i dont havd the button you have i dont have a bucket tool im on cs4

  29. - Duppensteil - says:

    @Schlumanga same 😀

  30. TheMrJones24 says:

    Cant find teh bucket lol…

  31. ClearNano says:

    Thanks helped me a lot!

  32. ahosn dsag says:


  33. cyrax red says:

    @Sarvesh50 right click the icon under the eraser

  34. ActualityHD says:

    this video for photoshop cs4 –

  35. trybalbutterflies says:

    alfi removed?…. what are you even talking about? why are you calling it
    alfi? it’s having an invisible BG layer. and saving ti as png or ico or gif.

  36. seansasso says:

    i like how fast you move through it. most tutorials take forever, this one

  37. Jonah Siegle says:

    thats just another name for it, thats what they call it in gimp

  38. Ling Wong says:

    Love your instructions. You are awesome. Really appreciate your effort!

  39. mryashka says:

    grate video

  40. LAJCain says:

    Thanks. This was at the perfect pace for me. I was learning the basics of
    where everything is and what it does. And now I feel a little more
    comfortable when I open up Photoshop.

  41. swat4561toy says:


  42. TMWarMoth says:

    rebel flag huh freaking racist lol jk

  43. cyrax red says:

    Utube saves me allot of money, if you agree means you know what am talking
    about thumbs up :p

  44. - Duppensteil - says:

    where is my bucket!!??

  45. Stella BSquared says:

    Am I correct to guess you have a Pennsylvania accent? It sounds so
    familiar. I lived there a few years……..and some words you’re saying are
    soooo PA!

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