Photoshop CS3: Chrome/Glossy Logo Design (Not a tutorial!)

Photoshop CS3: Chrome/Glossy Logo Design (Not a tutorial!)

NOT A TUTORIAL!!! For those who can’t read 😉
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14 Responses to “Photoshop CS3: Chrome/Glossy Logo Design (Not a tutorial!)”

  1. Manoj Chauhan says:

    any how
    it is good,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

  2. Luis Marti says:


  3. forthewinlbp says:

    @hoper241 its not a fucking tutorial read the discription and title reatard

  4. Ggotenn says:

    LOL, its not a tutorial! you dont read the title ? 0o

  5. nick26360 says:

    this is the worst logo design i have ever seen

  6. 3dmax666hellrider says:

    The Best

  7. Gavin Falconer says:

    Not a Tut! mean tutorial…

  8. TheAllinOneHelper says:

    that is shit es ist einfach nur kacke man kommt nicht mit, etc schlechte

  9. Stilyan Petrov says:

    cool 🙂

  10. Vigan Elezi says:

    thank youu

  11. runn power says:

    what the song pls ? 😀

  12. Patrick Bateman says:

    He explicitly said that it wasn’t a turtorial, hence the title of the video.

  13. CallofDutyShorts says:

    You should name this video glossy speed art

  14. rafael deocuariza says:

    wow men did u just double the speed of ur vid

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