Painting with Brushes in Photoshop

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23 Responses to “Painting with Brushes in Photoshop”

  1. Crax says:

    Damn man i really love your videos!?

  2. Sky Desiner says:

    What drawing table do you use??

  3. Alex Dan says:

    How do his lines come out so smooth. When i draw my lines using my tablet
    they come out so sharp…..almost like a zig zag. Someone please help?

  4. Beto Verdugo says:

    Not amazing??????????? This is AWESOME!!! :)?

  5. SolarKills+ says:

    The little pink thing on the side of your eye is called a “Face Clitoris”.

    Nah, hah it’s just a tear duct.?

  6. Sushmita Sharma says:

    Thank you for the video!!?

  7. Julije Jelaska says:

    starting level.But with a will and really non laisy work you can do it
    better in the space warp speed.?

  8. Hendri Stiadi says:

    amazing ;D?

  9. darja savarus says:

    thank you!?

  10. vamshi kanna says:

    what type of tablet u use brother….?

  11. Laimonas Lizdenis says:

    thanks for tutorial! I have learn quite some things here, subscribed, and
    going to look more! Though only suggestion i have, “live view of you” takes
    quite much space on convas, I suggest you move it to top right corner
    (wehre swatches/navigator are) since on tutorials that’s not so important
    to see, so it hides less main area (even more if you reduce width of that
    view) 🙂 Not a big problem though.. 🙂 keep it up!?

  12. MMEArtChannel says:

    A good trick when blending is to lower the opacity of the brush (normally i
    do it on 40-50 %, sometimes even lower)?

  13. Tamika Sampson says:

    It’s called a tear duct?

  14. Praveen Kumar says:

    its great but i want tutorial on flash explain about masking please ?

  15. Lord MrFe says:

    “its not amazing” ha ha?

  16. Cregar Back says:

    what type a tablet do you have??

  17. Cityj0hn says:

    That is one sexy eye…?

  18. Naomi Leang says:

    Great Tutorial! But it’s faster for me at the end :). Thanks anyway! ?

  19. Em?ke Nanassy says:

    Fantastic *-* You are so cool
    Which of the brush you are working on??

  20. The channel says:

    I think it’s called the cornea. I’m not sure though…?

  21. James Holder says:

    Your no expert… your just AMAZING!?

  22. LegendaryLion says:

    what do you use to draw on the computer? can you provide a link? thanks.?

  23. dqnteinferno says:

    I have the same problem as dan, someone help?

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