oscar winning short movie.avi

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  1. Nuntikan m says:

    I fucking cry like a baby!


  2. Samsarah Morgan says:

    Walk well with those you love. Memories are being made…?

  3. Caesaurus says:

    The title is *not* “oscar winning short movie.avi”, but “The House of Small
    Cubes” or “Tsumiki no ie” (original title).?

  4. third G says:

    I am not trying to be judgemental here but the end could have been even
    thrilled if the story would have little altered at end. I thought the guy
    gonna run out the oxygen and dies right in front oh his birth scene’s
    Such a brilliant thinking though. The old man travelled pretty much his
    whole life’s back and stood up again and says cheers to you too ‘life’.
    That right there is the strength of life. Amazing.. Pretty darn amazing. ?

  5. Abm Ab.Muthu says:

    its a super thought good works, but last ending is not defined
    correct…all the best to all?

  6. Habibullah Din says:

    I love this peace mind short film.
    The soundtrack is amazing.
    I can’t stop keep watching it every day. What a powerful messages has that
    one day we all be in this old man position.let love and respect your family
    and every one ?

  7. niraj deokar says:

    Awesome story it would be more better if the guy would have died in the
    last room of seeing his childhood.But it really made me cry.?

  8. Silver hawk says:

    I want to cry it’s so sad ?

  9. Juhyun Jo says:

    Very very impressive?

  10. chickenbowlofsoup says:

    absolutely beautiful. cried like a baby.?

  11. Pau La says:

    Me hizo llorar…?

  12. Linh Nguyen says:

    it is amazing short animation ?

  13. mustapha ali says:

    [“-_-] i love it.?

  14. Svjetlana Petrovi? says:

    That is a beautiful story and great animation. Love it soo much :)?

  15. Malenpis says:

    The least of things would be giving the name of the movie and of it’s

  16. Mariluz Chuctaya says:

    Muchísimos. Pueden empezar con una gran casa, trabajos importantes y
    excelentes perspectivas económicas pero si no tienen lo más importante: un
    proyecto de amor que vaya más allá de ellos mismos y sus caprichos, lo
    único que hacen es construir un edificio de pocos pisos, uno de esos
    hogares abandonados en el triste azul del fondo del mar.?

  17. ethar abdulla says:

    This is beautiful?

  18. FrogLover101 says:

    Needs a warning label: grab a tissue.?

  19. Binga Pajama says:

    I love the little old frenchman. When he dropped his pipe I was in despair.
    When he went diving I worried that his life might end in a watery grave. If
    only i could plant a kiss on the top of his wrinkly bald head because he is
    adorable. And this made me cry like a baby.?

  20. Davinia Gil Montaño says:

    So sad :'( ?

  21. ibnto abdullaah says:

    ??? ????.?

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