Origin of the notary, the real story

Origin of the notary, the real story

In the civil institutions of ancient Rome, the origin of the notary has its roots. The officials, scribes called the order of being simple and of professional transcriber’s photocopiers in the affairs of public and private. In the last century of the republic, a new form of shorthand was invented and called “”notae” are replaced by the words in common use. A writer who adopted the new method is called “notarius”. Originally, a notary who has taken in shorthand and regulations written in the form of notes or minutes. Later, the title was “notarius”. ” is used almost exclusively for state civil servants, including provincial governors and secretaries of the emperor.

After the fall of the Western Empire in the fifth century, the notary remained a figure of some importance in many parts of continental Europe throughout the Middle Age. When the civil law experienced its renaissance in the 12 century, the lawyer said as the central institution of that Act. At first, notaries in England are appointed by the papal legate. In 1279, the Archbishop of Canterbury has been approved by the Pope to appoint notaries. I noticed many were members of the clergy. Over the years, the clergy ceased to take part in secular business and laymen, especially in cities and in shopping malls, began to assume the official character and functions of a modern notary.

In the United States, a notary is an official appointed by the government of the state of integrity to serve the public as an impartial witness when performing a series of official measures to deter fraud in connection with the signing of important documents. These acts are called acts of official or notary. Notaries should follow written rules, without the exercise of personal discretion.
This is the main duty of a notary on the screen of the signatories of sensitive instruments – such as wills and powers of the facts of property agents – of their true identity, their willingness to sign, without coercion or intimidation, and general knowledge of the document d ‘import. Some deeds also be required to realize the promise of the undersigned notary declares under oath that the information contained in the document are true and correct.

As state officials, Notaries said the success of most documents that change the lives of private citizens, some of these operations for the transmission of several properties, provide powers, creating a marriage contract, or perform many other activities that make our society run. Notaries provide a level of confidence that the signed key documents are genuine and authentic confidence. This kind of faith can respond to business records and the right to be exchanged between strangers with confidence in its reliability.

Notary Publicin the U.S.

The notary is a person appointed by a state government in the United States, as the governor or secretary, or in some cases, the state legislature, whose main mission is to serve the public, as a witness neutral when important documents are signed. When the notary is a government official, the liability of a notary was very different from one another and in many cases bars a notary to act outside their country of origin or her, unless one and the Commission.

In 32 states the greatest need is to fill out a form and pay a fee, and many countries have restrictions for lawyers with criminal records, but the requirements vary from state to state. I noticed in 18 states and the District of Columbia are required to attend a course, pass an exam, or both, the training requirements and examination in Delaware and Kansas only be appropriate for lawyers who will perform electronic notary.

A notary is almost always allowed to authenticate a document in any state in which it was issued by the commission. Some were simply a matter of a commission “in general”, which means that there is no indication whether the Board of County person was released, but some states require the Notary includes the county of issuance of the Commission under the Jurat or when joints are required to give the county of issue that have been committed in the seal. Just because it indicates a condition that requires the county in which the Commission has published does not necessarily mean that the notary is limited to legalize the documents of the county, although some Member States may exempt from this requirement.

Some states (Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota, among others) gives a notary who has been accused in a state bordering the state to act as a notary in the state if the other does the same thing. Thus, a person who has been commissioned in Montana could legalize the documents in Wyoming and North Dakota, Wyoming and responsibility of the notary can authenticate documents in Montana could be a Wyoming notary legalization of documents North Dakota (or vice versa), unless not having a North Dakota State Commission or, on the border of North Dakota, North Dakota, which also allowed notaries to practice in the state.

I noticed in the United States are much less tightly synchronized noticed in many other common law countries, usually because the lawyers of the United States has little legal authority. In the U.S., not an offer legal advice or notary prepare the documents – except Louisiana and Puerto Rico – and in most cases it can be recommended as a person must sign a document, or that such notarization is required. There are some exceptions, for example, notaries in Florida to receive affidavits, declarations of the housing project, the protests of the project for the payment of checks, promissory notes, and to celebrate weddings. In most states, notaries certify or verify a copy or fax.

The exploits of the most common in the United States is to take the oaths and affirmations. Many professions require a person to act as a notary, so that the American legal writers often notaries as this enables them to testify (the candidates) when they take deposits and secretaries, bankers, lawyers and notaries are frequent. Despite its limited role, some American notaries also perform a series of important actions are not usually found elsewhere. Depending on the jurisdiction, to take the witness attests requests each and every one (ME), the third ballot the witness absent (ME), offers no obstacle to a marriage license, civil marriages (ME, Florida, South Carolina ) saw the opening of a safe or safe and have a formal statement of its contents to a waiver of the dowry or inheritance (SC), and so



Notary Public in the U.S.

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