Olhausen Pool Tables: A Family Story

Olhausen Pool Tables: A Family Story

Olhausen pool tables’ journey started way back when Olhausen brothers, Butch and Don, were only kids. Growing up in New Mexico, the brothers were raised working in their dad’s shop, setting up and re-covering pool tables. So from an young age, they were introduced to the billiard industry and without them knowing anything about it, it would prove to serve them well for their forthcoming career.

In 1969, Butch made the decision to move to California, while Don stayed behind. Before long though, Don followed. In 1972, the brothers, back together, started their own little company which purpose was to move and re-cover pool tables. Olhausen pool tables were not even on the back of their minds yet, so they were also delivering new pool tables for a minor manufacturing company from San Diego. They were barely making a living out of that commerce. As a matter of fact, they were charging 12$ for delivery and installation of a new table, while using their own car (Butch’s ’59 El Camino) as well as paying for the gas. Nothing there was previewing the expansion of a company that would later earn the label of “The Best in Billiards”.

The big break of Olhausen pool tables came in 1973. The owner of the San Diego company, offered to sell them the business for 1000$ . He would only take a small percentage back on the inventory. The brothers analyzed the circumstances and decided to go all in. They took everything they had and went ahead in buying the company. Little did they know they were making the choice that proved to change their whole lives.

At the time of the acquisition, the company was manufacturing about 35 tables yearly . Their goal  for the first year was to double up the production and sell 70 tables. A forceful goal, without a doubt, but one they did pull off. Within their first two years running the commerce, over 300 Olhausen pool tables were being sold. And the upward curve only continued to grow over the years; nowadays about 30,000 of these tables are retailed every year. Of course, their manufacturing methods progressed over the years to accelerate the process and increase the quality of their products.

There is now over a dozen distinct series of Olhausen pool tables offered on the market. There is a table to suit every budget, skill level, and appearance preferences. They even propose the alternative to completely customize your table if you wish to.

A notable detail that is worth mentioning is that Olhausen is still family-owned. That means that the same essential standards are still pursued. Their dedication to quality, service, selection, and value are part of the tradition and they are committed to keeping it that way and keeping moving forward, making Olhausen pool tables better every day. For even more information concerning the present subject matter and a bunch of other billiards-related topics, don’t forget to visit www.billiiardsvillage.com to find an answer to all your interrogations.

Craig Carter does not have a job related to billiards. He is working as a carpenter, building mostly staircases
and ceilings. But, one day, about a decade ago, he decided to build his own pool table as a personal project and the result was that
he absolutely fell in love with the game of pool. From then on he decided that he wanted to share that passion with
other billiards fans and that the easiest way to achieve that was through the web. Carter writes articles about just
any aspect of pool to help his fellow billiards fans to find reliable information as easily as possible.

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