Oka Chinna Maata telugu short film II Directed by Sai Vaishnav

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15 Responses to “Oka Chinna Maata telugu short film II Directed by Sai Vaishnav”

  1. ranga sai says:

    great work frnds ,nijanga naaku nachindi.super editing&direction
    ……….aaa sai mee hero baagunnadu .keep going al d best frnds :)?

  2. salva lokesh says:

    wow super beautyfull film nic?

  3. yash raj says:

    dhevvuuddddaaaaaaa cinemaaaa ilaa champesarenti awesome movie guyssss
    directoru 😛 story adurs emmana editing ah 😀 superb guysss ……?

  4. varshith reddy says:

    Nikhil Pasari and swapnik good one bro’s ,all the best ?

  5. santhosh santhu says:

    good concept dude nd had a little exitment while watching ur shortmovie
    nice attempt all the best..?

  6. Akhil Garrepally says:

    Aboooooo super super story Adhurs .everything was awesome?

  7. Nagarjuna Reddy says:

    Good plot.. Loved it..

    Climx lo Smiles all around is pretty..bgm is lovely..

    Good luck..:-)?

  8. Sivaji sonu says:

    Sai …sexy mama ,ika santhu acthing aithe aripinchundu pooooo?

  9. Venkat Krishna says:

    Areyy nikhil gud expressions raa and music timings superr.?

  10. haritha sri says:

    its soo nice..karthik character is soo good.. keep going friends n one more
    thing your music is good..
    chalaa nachimdii,soo cute ..?

  11. sai shiva says:

    (Y) nice story and editing
    “‘Dharidharam dharuvesthe devudu kuda dance veyalsindhey”” keka dialogue?

  12. Raghava Kumar Nanduri says:

    hey!! awesome srikanth
    no words to express (y)?

  13. Nagendra Vfx says:

    gud 1…. nice……. like it….?

  14. hari krishna says:

    seriously awesome….chala bagundhi story,editing and last ki a twist…all
    the best for ur bright future..?

  15. S Krishna says:

    ok not bad at all short and sweet just like your previous film but next
    time hope you will come with a different story line?

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