OH MY FRIEND heart touching friendship /comedy telugu short film

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to “OH MY FRIEND heart touching friendship /comedy telugu short film”

  1. venkatesh rao says:


  2. jaanu naidu says:

    nice guysssssss?

  3. Messaggio di Almeno says:

    Are they eating with their hands?
    The horror!?

  4. Ravi Raju K says:

    from which movie the last part of the movie’s MUSIC is taken????
    ekkado vinnatlu undhi…
    wch movie guys??
    can u plz help meoutwid this??

  5. premvinny says:

    Script is not at all perfect…..poor sync of audio mix with
    video….concept is unclear……..will have to improve a lot

  6. Srinivasa kalyan says:

    And ya.. movie chustunnantha sepu bore kottindi… kasta adi chusukondi…

  7. shiva prasad says:

    not a good ending

  8. Kishore Kumar says:

    Please watch my short film… and give me inputs thank you.

  9. Masthan G says:

    seems comedy movie 🙂

  10. navarasaranjani says:

    not bad.

  11. vamshi ranga says:

    like it..

  12. sarath charan says:

    @romanticjoneskatru tanq v much bro …… but e movie tesi 2 yrs avuthunde
    thesinap[udu we r new to shrt film making and watch out new movies in our
    vids i hope u ill like dem 4 sure -sarath charan

  13. Bhargav Ram says:

    nice but u must improve..

  14. Ravi Goud says:

    i did not expect this climax yar super i relly feel

  15. sai manikanth says:

    heart touching frnd………

  16. Sravan Ram says:

    cool dude great concept man…….!

  17. Sri Hari V P says:

    I didnt Understand.. what do you intend to Tell by this Video..? Appreciate
    your Efforts, but Its just a waste of Time for Me. Poor StoryLine..

  18. Vinod Kumar says:

    hai sarath i need ur phone number my number is 9989588857 with 2 days i
    have i need ur hep to compete my pending film

  19. Murali Sai says:

    drive the byk safely friends, we miss u alot if anything happend to u….:(

  20. bharath reddy says:

    perfect…..story was good and,….make a better editing……dnt mine
    …cauz i too make short films…..so i wana give u a suggestion the theme
    was good…..and work was excellent……IAM FROM tirumala engennering
    college…… ALL the best…….for ur next short film………..

  21. bommakanti rohit says:

    gud yaar really loved it

  22. Madhuakar Jangam says:

    Excellent Heart TouchingExcellent

  23. victorysharath says:

    good starting… but bad ending…. death al of sudden doesn’t carry the
    mood of the movie…

  24. Ameenuddin Mohammed says:

    Good one…

  25. ravi tej says:

    heat touching really good one…..

  26. Teja Michy says:

    abbailante inte ante ammailanta lanjale ga mari.?

  27. Raji Reddy says:

    and please aa heroins ni change chyeandi. eddiga unaru. action kuda radu
    vallaki. chandini chowdary lanti manchi heroins ni vetakandi. vizag lo
    chala mandi ammayilu unaru act cheadaniki i guess?

  28. Raji Reddy says:

    manchi concepts teyandi anirudh. seriousga ledu comedyga ledu chirakuga
    undi. Please get the nice concepts?

  29. pavan nuli says:

    Nice every one acted super b?

  30. pavan nuli says:

    Nice every one acted super b?

  31. Sumanth chowdary vadlamudi says:

    Nice Song !!!!

  32. mani reddy says:

    pada letter bagundhi boss 🙂

  33. Sanju P says:

    awesome film great job

  34. DS P says:

    nice work but i think songs length is little bit more…..


    nice trail anirudh Bhayya…

  36. Shankar Thadavarthi says:

    tooo good concept:))))

  37. rathvika rathod says:

    nice job guys…. Teja.., ur narration is good…, keep goin..

  38. deepak kiran says:

    awesome dude

  39. Krishna Murthy says:

    pawan kalyan laga act chesav bosss baga umbrella patukunnathanu

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