Now You Can Post GIFs to Facebook

Now You Can Post GIFs to Facebook

The GIF has made a comeback on Facebook. With the help of start-up company Giphy, it’s now easy to post GIFs straight to your timeline.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I do not own any property in this video! Fail gifs with sound! Fail gifs with sound! Fail gifs with sound!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

9 Responses to “Now You Can Post GIFs to Facebook”

  1. mikeyy425 says:

    if they dont play automatically, they arent gifs…. just short videos?

  2. rosejm1 says:

    but how do you make gifs and post them??

  3. Jesse Francis says:

    A play-all button is in order.

  4. Leonidas Papadopoulos says:

    She’s funnier than the other guys! I’d watch more videos of her!

  5. ValenteFV says:

    she’s fun!

  6. Jye Geelan says:

    Some where good, some a little less so, I think the video could have been
    longer too due to all the fail gifs out there?

  7. Dino Accad says:

    Great work dude?

  8. Adam McDermott says:

    Oh my, the guy at 1:27 destroyed the window!?

  9. MainstreamMeGusta says:

    You are awesome keep em coming?

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