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  1. StarSeed says:

    How the hell can Art Bell be this clueless? Every dollar comes with a
    dollar plus a penny debt. The collapse was inevitable from day 1. We pay a
    private bank the Federal Reserve interest on every dollar in existence on
    this planet. Get a clue.?

  2. StarSeed says:

    This expert isnt very good. In the 911 prophesy the Quatrain says “Forty
    and Five Degrees”. In standard scientific notation and is a decimal point.
    Therefore he is saying 40.5 degrees, which is the exact latitude of NY.?

  3. marcus24000 says:

    the salution is verry easy,people are just all do damn afraid,first wipe
    currency of the table,second come together and make shure people are taken
    care of(am not talking about give people what they want but what they need
    such as water enuf food to survive on,a pc with internet and maybe a simple
    tv and a radio thats it )put the advanced tech in thats being withheld from
    everyone to make healthy foods again not the chem crap we have now and just
    work on a salution together,and btw this whole deal towards the collapse
    was orcastrated by the elites themselves as a way to thieve the money away
    and to get there hands on the stuf they needed so if the people would have
    just believed some things abit faster and if people wouldnt have been so
    naive and cought up and distracted by with they thought was so damn
    important then you might have notist this happening,but annyway whats done
    is done its the here and now we have to focus on.
    and btw taxes is exstortion,the goverment spends billion on warfair and
    then they say oooh we cant pay for regular stuf so we need the good
    cilivian to pay taxes or more taxes,if you wouldnt have spend all that
    money on warfair and plundering and scret projects you idiot then you
    wouldnt have to ask for taxes,the deals you make gives you enuf money to
    take care of everything the biggest exstortion racket is the goverment and
    corperations lol.
    i think the whole reson why we repeat mistakes is how our upbringing is atm
    its verry small minded in acepting things and thinking about things and its
    sololy duo to the fact reincarnation isnt acceptd as a truth and isnt
    thought so allot of info is withheld in some ways while it should be a
    comin teaching as should be that you should teach a person or youre own
    kids selfinpowerment in the way of we each own our selves and our choices
    and we wil never give our power away to someone els and if you have
    difirent idee’s about things you shouldnt be looked at as difirent or
    strange but as a proud selfinpowered self owning person this i think is the
    soul mistake of history if not combine with other soul problems.
    and wel every person i think has the potencial to be knowledgable about
    these things,everyone has the potencial to be like for say dr.greer or
    anny1 on this particular show or to be like jezus or anny of the people we
    look upto or say:now those people have the right idee or are atleast
    thinking forwardly,the thing is are you prepaired to take the time to
    research this be open to it and to think allot and i mean allot about
    behavior,youre own behavior and youre behavior towards others,about life
    about connecthing the dots and to become aware that you have to be or
    become a serten state of conciousnis to attain a higher lv of thinking
    reacting and beeing is what i think,these things can bring you to the next
    lv i think.
    and at this point people wil realize that we dont need a form of goverment
    in the end people wil see that each person owns and rules themself and has
    a say in there community or wel the meeting to take place in to disgust
    matters,and when you know youreself you wont be afraid or shy to speak
    up,you wil be confident and display youreself in the person you wanna be in
    youre own knowledge that is attained so far :)?

  4. Ronnie Jaraucaro says:

    HEY CAN SOMEONE HELP HERE???……how do you upload a single picture to a
    video like this UPLOADER DID FOR THIS VIDEO???????…….I can not seem to
    figure it out……I have you tube show that I would like to play the
    recorded show with a back ground like this one?

  5. j lin says:

    He just on here to make you look like a fool cut down so thay can feel good
    and get money off you wee if you like I can tell you about this UFO I heard
    it went bell bell Bel cost to cost what nuts is this shit there ?

  6. Bailey Paul says:

    It would be really nice if Art Bell could seriously shut the fuck up about

  7. theedrstrangelove says:

    People over the age of 8 still believe this man predicted anything?

  8. zozo zezo says:

    Hogue can’t defend Nostradamus’ baloney so instead he slaps a label on
    anyone who dismisses it. You can read a hundred Nostradamus quatrains and
    come to the conclusion that he’s full of it. Mention that to Hogue and he
    compares you to his temperamental ex-girlfriends and tells you you’re
    closed minded. So you can’t judge Nostradamus on a hundred vague guesses
    but Hogue can judge you on just one comment. The fact that Nostradamus’
    book was popular before one single prediction had any time to come about
    suggests it was nothing more than his unique presentation that impressed
    people and not the accuracy of the predictions.?

  9. MrRJMGREEN says:

    I miss Ghost to Ghost.?

  10. David Tubb says:

    You have to remember, especially in America, we might be the most powerful
    nation but we’re definitely not very enlightened or open to the
    metaphysical. Partly due to our culture and a society of instant
    gratification. I also stumbled upon a possible physical reason that could
    be a nationwide dysfunction. Everyone has a Pineal Gland, it’s about middle
    of everyones brain, The Pineal Gland is water filled in its center.
    Autopsies have shown time and time again Pineal Gland crusted over or
    calcified. Why? Water fluoridation. The Pineal Gland is what makes
    dopamine, DMT and serotonin, melatonin, key chemicals in order to meditate
    fully (arguably). There are 2 things you can take, both found on Amazon,
    they are capsule form Boron and Tamicon that can decalcify the Pineal Gland
    but do you own research.

  11. Roxy Renucci says:

    Yes John i take those things to deal with the flouride issues . Most people
    still do not believe that it is bad for you even when you provide the
    history of it and how it came to our water supply . I find that most people
    deny the truth and like being stupified. I also by the way miss Art Bell.?

  12. sheila Phillips says:
  13. lightwaters says:

    I got an idea for Art bell……he should incorporate in a right to work
    state…no matter what he has signed as an agreement ……a clause that
    prevents his/her right work and also if thats the only skill set that
    person has then the courts decision will superseed the contract…..a
    contractual obligation that keeps a person unemployed is crazy…..court
    will likely favor Art as you cannot prevent an individuals right to earn a
    living….lol….theres gotta b a law in the US constitution…no lawyer
    here….but im sure theres a way?

  14. Zareth Shahara says:

    I wonder… just ‘who’ is John Hogue? As I write these words, he is on an
    ’emergency’ pre-diction with Noory on coast to coast am.

    it’s always doom and gloom, with Hogue. you know, with the tagline, that
    ‘prophecy’ is about changing the future. Sure, that always allows guys that
    make pre-dictions or provide their own interpretations of so-called
    ‘prophesies’ leeway, in case the things that they ‘see’ don’t manifest –
    “see, ‘we’ changed it, because the soothsayer said we could. Sorry john,
    but that’s the way I see anyone who claims they know what the future will
    bring, that isn’t positive or in full possession of the facts – aka the
    truth. And the truth is this, your definition of barbari is dead wrong.
    I’ll explain:

    And, he says that Nostradamus interpreters no nothing of 15th century
    french (implying I imagine, the ‘he’ does – adding to his portrayal as
    ‘thee’ expert on what Nostradamus (allegedly) ‘saw’ in his scrying.

    He said that what the entire World should be afraid of is the fact that we
    could destroy the planet and all life on the surface in a ‘nuclear night’
    (aka simultaneous launches of thermonuclear weapons).

    I have two points, no three, that might wind up allowing me to answer my
    own original ‘question’ – Just ‘who’ is John Hogue (and in this age of
    universal deceit, ‘who’ they ‘work’ their (word) magic, of ‘pre’-dictions,
    which, in Hogue’s case, don’t always manifest – but what he is 100% right
    on (or so he seems to be suggesting – is, the ‘end of the World.’ In ‘his’
    little ‘world’ he is a self-declared legend (interpreter) and
    statistically, well, he’s lucky most people have very short memories, and
    that they won’t do ALL of the research themselves.

    So Mr. Hogue says, that Nostradamus ‘said’ that the ‘barbari’ that we
    should all be worried about are ‘the arabs’ – you know, the old ‘go to’
    guys. in fact that all began with the invasion of the Middle East in the
    age before the ‘middle’ ages, when John says Nostradamus defined the
    ‘arabs’ as ‘the barabari.’ Well, go back to the 7th century, when the
    Khazars, who spoke a language no one outside of their ‘tribe/horde’ could
    understand, like ‘yiddish’ (and that, is where some people believe yiddish
    originated – ancient Khazaria. their language was referred to as ‘bar bar’
    and these raiding, pillaging, raping murderous blood thirsty hordes of
    conquering war lords, from what is now russia and the surrounding areas,
    like the Caucasus Mountain regions, hence, they’re ‘caucasian’ descent
    (whiteness, if you will), comes from their ancestors who lived high up in
    the mountains, and came down and began taking over the areas surrounding
    them, and didn’t stop, ever. they are still at it. but now, it’s not a
    direct attack on every village in the World and the enslavement of any
    survivors, they have technology and have ‘enslaved’ everyone on Earth ever
    since – under many guises, and many ‘nationalities’ and public
    personalities, disguising their true identities, and hiding behind every
    religion. These descendants are the satanists at the top today, who claim
    the anti-christ, Lucifer is coming and will start the war themselves to
    begin the epitome of tyranny, they call the new world order. It’s not new,
    and not based on order -it’s about stirring up the chaos and confusion and
    steering the purposefully ‘programmed’ fear-filled, unwitting and
    unsuspecting masses, into the pen. The survivors that is – of the ‘chaos’
    that they design to accomplish their only objective – control of the
    masses. Like Blake said of them, they’d rather reign in hell than ‘serve’
    in Heaven – or anywhere for that matter.

    They are the ‘anti-Christ, because they are trying to avoid the golden age
    prophesies, when ‘their kind’ are eradicated, according to numerous
    prophesies. it’s a matter of ‘survival’ alright, but ‘theirs’ NOT ours.

    it was the khazars, who went into the Middle East and Judaized their tribes
    in the year 740 AD, and took their domination to a whole new level. So, the
    Khazars from that region, who claim that they’re Jewish, aren’t. they
    aren’t Semites, and then they aren’t actual Jews. But that is a matter of
    semantics, and not semitics, as far as they’re concerned, now. You can’t
    even ‘say’ anything about ‘Jews’ (and I am one, so don’t even think about
    playing the word police) – i’m trying to make a point about Hogue, and his
    ‘sounding the alarm’ – concerning the ‘barbari’ who will begin the next
    world war.

    the Khazars invented STRAWMAN SCAMS and hide behind the masks and curtains
    like the wizard of Oz, but instead of telling us that we (each of us)n have
    all the power and they have none without our consent, like the wizard did –
    they have to keep us convinced that we are powerless without them. Mind

    The two points I first wanted to make were – barbari are the Khazars who
    were the original ‘bar bar’ tribes who spoke ‘barbar’ or barbari in 15th
    century France, i would guess. I’m no expert,but it’s right there in front
    of your eyes, not written in the skies.

    So NO. it’s NOT the go to scapegoats (an ancient Khazar term for the
    sacrificial patsy, who would take the blame for their treachery, and whose
    death would be by their own designs. Sound familiar? JFK, anyone?
    It’s NOT the Arabs – it’s the Khazars – their enemies from the days when
    the Khazars/Scythian/hun hordes would come in, rape, rob and burn down
    their villages and camps an enslave the survivors – SLAVERY was the
    ‘business’ of trade for the Khazars. They got used to ‘blaming’ them and
    even setting them up to be their patsies, as a part of their blood rituals
    and planned assassinations of leaders in lands they wanted to take over.

    It wasn’t the Arabs, it was the Khazars, shifting from steppe hordes to
    politicians, who came in and took over lands and territories (and the
    People, in the process) by ‘political treachery and religious conflicts,’
    rather than all the trouble of going out and killing the resistors and
    enslaving the few survivors, they saw that they could enslave everyone
    through ‘government’ (Latin for ‘mind control’) and by having a ‘language’
    that only they, and their allies, could understand – we now call ‘that
    in-discern-able’ language LEGALESE. it ‘sounds’ like the language we speak
    (no matter the language) but comes with it’s own (LEGAL) dictionaries,
    where ‘a person’ is not ‘A PERSON’ and a “human being” is defined as a

    It’s tired and I’m late. All I have to say now is – John you’re either a
    fool, or a tool.

    And Bruce Cathie’s work on Mutually Assured destruction is a farce, because
    nuclear devices MUST BE Geo-physically ‘correct’ in relation to the Sun,
    the actual ‘detonator’ of the nuclear explosion, and nukes can’t just get
    fired off in every direction, and they’ll blow everything to smithereens.
    Not gonna happen. One of the greatest hoaxes pulled on mankind – the others
    are religions, and governments – and the current religions and governments
    are the products of khazarian domination. All “-isms” came from the

    I hope I made my point. i’m too tired to go back and even read this let
    alone edit it. Hogue is sounding like an uniformed fool or a well
    taken-care-of tool, who gets a lot of air time, telling millions of people,
    the antichrist is coming, and the Arabs are going to incinerate the world.


  15. dragnet53 says:

    I got banned on coast 2 coast facebook page for voicing my opinion about
    what they did to Art Bell. I am tempted to cancel my account with XM.?

  16. Sonic Jet says:

    1:00 good start 🙂 ?

  17. Patricia Sunday says:

    UNVEILED…THE LAST ANTICHRIST. Also: The Walking Dead: Religious Lies:
    One womans Journal…..John Hogue does not know the truth about
    Nostradamus….I would like to be on a program with him…Rev. Patricia

  18. Michael Sheffield says:

    +ocean orchid Your not even close to sounding ugly you come across as very
    considerate with your words and very well said yea I agree he likely wants
    some credit for his hard work I also make unique vids I understand the

  20. Alicia Banks says:

    cc hobama/bragamus/mabus?

  21. qwyzl says:

    wonder if hogue predicted “dark matter” would go off air…?

  22. qwyzl says:

    as far as money, depressions, recessions, inflation and all the rest of
    that goes – it’s all a game the rich people play be cause they think it’s
    funny fucking with peoples’ very lives. my only wish is that there really
    is a hell and some kind of punishing being of spirit who dwells there and
    that these c&%ts who think they’re so clever and so terribly funny messing
    about with the lives of members of their own species spend all the rest of
    eternity choking on their precious fucking money while being for ever
    boiled in burning hot liquid gold. I bet then the smug smart-ass smirks
    will be wiped off their stupid faces.

    fuck “forgiveness”. come their time to pass, I wish these c&%ts would
    suffer for EVER.?

  23. TheDallasDJ says:

    Thank You

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