Nokia Lumia 930 organic wireless charging experiment

Nokia Lumia 930 organic wireless charging experiment

We used 800 apples and potatoes to wirelessly charge the brand new Nokia Lumia 930 We teamed up with Carphone Warehouse and science enthusiast and artist Caleb Charland…
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18 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 930 organic wireless charging experiment”

  1. Silvan Geissmann says:

    And nobody realized that the energy did not come from the fruits but from
    the metals. Very organic.?

  2. manamaster6 says:

    Best use for an Apple.?

  3. magnus87 says:

    How many potatoes are needed for Nokia 1100?? XD?

  4. Romuald Perrot says:

    Nokia, connecting people potatoes !

    Nokia Lumia 930 organic wireless charging experiment?

  5. Vahid K says:

    *#Nokia* *#Lumia930** organic **#wireless** charging experiment*?

  6. Grumpy Gleb says:

    ? ????…. ?? ???? ??? ????!?

  7. sermerlin1 says:

    Microsoft being charged with apple product… Oh the irony… ?

  8. says:

    Kolik ovoce pot?ebujete k nabití mobilu? Nokia ov??ila, že Lumii 930 nabije
    800 jablek a brambor! :)?

  9. Florin Moldovanu says:

    and how much energy has been spent on growing the apples and the potatoes??

  10. Por dentro says:


  11. Ken Heslip says:

    The coloured apples could have spelled out LUMIA. :)?

  12. Tato R says:

    Amazing Idea?

  13. quy phan says:
  14. Varun Vesuvala says:

    Love Microsoft’s new ads. Good show. ?????

  15. Stephen Pate says:

    These people have too much time on their hands. How about some effort to
    get the phones into retail distribution.?

  16. Trey Abel says:

    Neat, however a huge waste of produce!! Use the sun!?

  17. Diov krad says:

    ? ??? ?? ???? ????????….?

  18. deggis4 says:

    My greenwashing detector is beeping.?

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