Nokia Lumia 925 – Shortfilm/camera test

Nokia Lumia 925 - Shortfilm/camera test

The new Nokia Lumia 925 has a really nice camera with aperture F2, Carl Zeiss lens and the PureView technology. Me and Eskild wanted to test the camera by ma…

20 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 925 – Shortfilm/camera test”

  1. aim. says:

    How many MP does this have?

    1020 has 41.?

  2. fluffyman15 says:

    shame that nokia uses windows OS?

  3. julieannlie says:

    Filmed with a fucking phone!!??? Hard to belive….?

  4. Gregory Whitfield says:

    what font do you use in your credits??

  5. Postpone Productions. says:

    jag har varit dar!!!?

  6. Cobar Cobar says:

    ???????? ??????? ???????.?

  7. BboyBankai says:

    WTF i didnt expect it to be this good!?

  8. Joao Mahmud says:


  9. Felipe Diaz says:

    nooo…. good thing i have a 920?

  10. AVICIIZ says:

    1:50 are you guys norwegian? I saw a picture of the norwegian band lemaitre
    standing here.. :o?

  11. Hasnain Ashfaq says:

    Trust me, today i am gonna buy this phone and gonna shoot the same video in
    my city! 😀 Love you guys?

  12. BIG1TOWER says:

    This is really good?

  13. Max Wild says:

    Haha! Love the twist at the end. Very nicely made.?

  14. Krishna S says:

    As always – Nice :)?

  15. Downthehollow says:

    man really? now i wish i had gotten that phone XD?

  16. tazer5 says:

    directed by m night shyamalan?

  17. Efren Hernandez Ruiz says:

    que bueno?

  18. Satyajit Dash says:

    Well done?

  19. Vag Germanyan says:

    How do you shoot in widescreen mode? are there settings for that in phone??

  20. aim. says:

    0:07 That face lol wth?!??

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