Newsbeat investigates the ‘Rushkinoff Cough’

Newsbeat investigates the 'Rushkinoff Cough'
It's had almost 13,000 likes on Facebook, has been trending on Twitter for weeks and loads of people claim they've had "the Rushkinoff Cough". They think their sore throats and chesty coughs are down to a brand of Spanish vodka called Rushkinoff.
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Two people charged with burglarizing Athens convenience store to steal vodka
A man and woman from Statham were arrested Thursday for the burglary of a westside store earlier in the week in which two bottles of vodka were stolen. Lacresha Mayweather, 21, and Shaka Dernard Bolton, 26, were each charged with first-degree burglary …
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Driver claims she drank half-a-litre of vodka after crash
TRIAL: A Towy Valley woman has claimed she drank half a litre of vodka after reversing into her ex-husband's neighbour's wall. A Towy Valley woman found to be almost four times the limit has told a court she did not have a drink until after she …
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ASCC Secures New Distribution for RWB Vodka
At the TBNA Convention, which featured over 500 buyers and vendors from throughout Texas, ASCC continued its efforts to increase brand awareness of its American-made spirit, RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka. The Company secured a deal with …
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