Never IGNORE your girlfriend || By DEEP KUMAR || 7 Hills Channel

Description: IGNORE Ignore is a story about the new genre boys and girls who are confused about love, friendship and Reality. Mixing the Ego’s, Miscommunicat…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SYMBIOSIS a short film by Mitchell Counsell

A Short Animated Film produced while I attended Sheridan’s School of Computer Animation. During the 8 month program we spent 4 months learning the fundamenta…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 Responses to “Never IGNORE your girlfriend || By DEEP KUMAR || 7 Hills Channel”

  1. Pradeep k says:

    I Know this Guy Aditya Panasa. Man U did a great job. nice and perfect,
    Need lots and lots of effort to keep this short film Up. Its a superb cast
    and crew. But seriously I did not find the connection between the title and
    the story. At the end u said that ‘every end has a new beginning’. Also
    highlighted the caption ‘All you need is love’. So where is the
    connection??? Hope U guys take it positively.. Thank You. Its fun watching.
    Keep it up.?

  2. suraj m says:

    Rey Deepak . super ra. Taking adiri poyindi. Background score highlight.
    Rambabu name super petaav. Chaala kashta padi chaala effort petti s s
    rajmouli la slow ga late ga perfect ga release chesaav. 2 n half hour movie
    plan cheskochu inka. First movie laaga ekada anipinchaledu. Cast kuda
    Thumbs up. ?

  3. Shaik Annu Ahmed says:

    yahhh good man nice work?

  4. Praninder Gupta says:

    Whats the song played at 24:25.. I liked that song a lot.. Good job?

  5. sibi thekkan says:

    Good… I really like it. ?

  6. Ashwin Jadhav says:

    a year’s effort is clearly visible. good job Deepu and team!!?

  7. raju netala says:

    Not bad , good one….?

  8. Kizhiyappat Rakesh says:

    good one deep bhai when are you giving entry hoping to see you on screen in
    next short film?

  9. srinivas cpk says:

    Naren , U and Ambika rocked Ra … I dint know she is into short films .
    Super !!?

  10. arun reddy arun says:

    super twist bhayya..?

  11. julee julee says:


  12. ramya p says:

    nice try…!all d best?

  13. Balu Kompalli says:

    Trend ala vundhi… Parvathi devdas. Romeo juliyat … Vallu ila bore
    anukuntey email edhey valla names evaru gurthunchukuneyvaru kadu… Ha ha
    ha ..nice script… Superb taking… And main hero voice superbbbb?

  14. Just for Fun says:

    Nice one.. (Y)?

  15. Sk Munna says:

    Nice job deep… way to go?

  16. Raghavendra Prasad says:

    Good one.!!?

  17. abhishek gokavarapu says:

    perfect movie for this generation guys.. well done.. keep it up fellas..

  18. shiva ram reddy says:

    candy crush high light vala story bagundhi?

  19. 7HILLS CHANNEL says:

    Add a message to your video?

  20. Sudheer Kumar D says:

    Girls Always Have Boy Friends. Its Common Dudes.?

  21. Samhitha Reddy says:

    I liked the girl’s nail polish colour..!!:P:*?

  22. yuva krishna says:

    nice video dudes but its tooooooooo lenthyyyyyyyy ?

  23. Niels Weigel says:

    Nice Animation?

  24. Favillion Bellarion says:

    oddly enough i can see this happenning some where on the planet not the
    creature obviously but the priciple?

  25. Jskills4ever says:

    Did a good job bro?

  26. Daphne Loose says:

    that was cool. I want one of the little green guys as a pet. he was so

  27. KINGSLAYER44 says:

    always be aware of your surroundings ?

  28. Stevycart Desvarieux says:

    Pretty cool! ?

  29. chemicalsweet13 says:

    and that friends is why you shouldn’t bully.?

  30. Moki Me says:

    The circle of life?

  31. JUrb1000 says:

    Can anyone explain to me why there aren`t any videos on Youtube that didn`t
    get any dislikes? I mean… what kind of stupid f*ck would press the
    dislike button on this video? Are they so abandonend from society that they
    feel like they have to put down other peoples work in order to be able to
    compensate their own inability to live a meaningful life?
    Like.. wtf srsly?..?

  32. Mark Wright says:

    Nice little film!!! The score, the animation–it all works beautifully.?

  33. favorites1056 says:

    There’s always a bigger fish?

  34. Phhase says:

    I love how the rock-thing sort of unfolds from the background, then melts
    back into it. Dat camouflage.?

  35. Ccs1989 says:

    Geez, my Sheridan film only had one character. You did 3. Crazy, dude.?

  36. Temuujin Turmunkh says:

    so why should we even try when there is a bigger fish.?

  37. Atomic- Winter says:

    oh ma gaaawddd this is the tralier 4 Half Life 3 :DDDDd?

  38. Jim Castor says:

    nice, good job?

  39. Jeremiah Walston says:

    such is the circle of life on an alien planet hehe?

  40. Ninjenga says:

    yep, big guys eats what are smaller than to their own size. kind of like
    the circle of dino-life :3?

  41. Matthew Robinson says:

    Moral of the story, don’t screw with the frog things ( they remind me of

  42. Nicolas Clavijo says:

    esto me ase recuerdo a spore?

  43. BelieveNoGod says:

    Great work :)?

  44. kamyron bonds says:

    frog bug?

  45. shahla ali says:

    Grey thing is elephant thingy ?????

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