NeighbourWood’s Fundraiser Short Clip

NeighbourWood's Fundraiser Short Clip

A short overview of how packed it was on Nov. 19th for neighbourwood’s on the Grand’s annual fundraiser. Everyone was in costume, live music was playing and …
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All Hail The King – the new Marvel short film available from Feb 24 (UK) on Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray and iTunes HD download. After the events of Iron Man…
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15 Responses to “NeighbourWood’s Fundraiser Short Clip”

  1. Badjokemaker says:

    That was never the plan. Ist just Disneys reaction because most People
    wanted an serious Mandarin.?

  2. Miquiztli111 says:

    Fuck this clip, Marvel allows the Mandarin to be shit on they the release
    this bullshit; fuck them and any dumbfuck who think that was a good idea?

  3. Lignum Viridi says:

    I wanna the real Mandarin played by chinese actor or at least asian
    american actor. Oh, please, let it happens…?

  4. Tarryn Ducker says:

    They are seriously digging up this corpse, they fucked with the mandarin
    and they want to open up the wounds they left in the lore, I swear they
    turn one of the most powerful ironman villains into a bumbling actor and
    then make the ceo of aim; a completely different character claim to be the
    mandarin and now the want to bring it back into the story. ?

  5. Kakhi Gagnidze says:

    Where can I get this soundtrack??

  6. downcast1000 says:

    What if the fake mandarin was planned by Marvel in the first place as a way
    to introduce the real one?

  7. bigpodgurc says:

    all real mandarin is dead if you do not know it was aldric killian watch
    end of IM3 pepper kills him?

  8. Batman at YouTube says:

    Well according to the people who saw this short movie.. The real Mandarin
    is out there… To make Iron Man 3 haters think twice about the movie..?

  9. Casanova Frankenstein says:

    If marvel have any sense they’ll do a double bluff…

    ala Slatterly as the mandarin all along allowing the “brains” of the outfit
    to take the fall for orchestrating the attacks while he works on an even
    more intricate plan whilst encamped in the bowels of Americas penal

    Just a thought ?

  10. Aquin says:

    What’s the song at 0:55? It’s really cool!?

  11. Blissty4 says:

    LMAO, Marvel is nuts …but i love it !?

  12. Slenerdman says:

    Anyone else thinking this might lead to the masters of evil?

  13. Chathura Wellington Wijewantha says:

    whats the song starting from 0:55 ??

  14. michael angus says:

    I’m so glad The Mandarin turned out too be like Ben Kingsley’s character,
    one of the best characters in Marvel and he’s British like myself which is
    a bonus :D?

  15. Stephen Blythe says:

    Ben Kingsley is the man brilliant actor “Bloody hell, its not exactly the
    Ritz is it” lol?

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