Nail Art for Halloween: The Ultimate Guide!

Which design is your favorite?! Let me know in the comments! Looking for a zombie nail design? Click here: Happy Halloween! Today…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Year Celebration of Art & Anna Isola’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.

25 Responses to “Nail Art for Halloween: The Ultimate Guide!”

  1. xSpyInPinkx says:

    *Frankenstein’s monster?

  2. Mahboob Khan says:

    where did you get your doting tool for??

  3. LessWeightFeelsGreat says:

    I like that you named the nail polishes you used, but idk which names go to
    which polish! I really like the purple and the pink colors!?

  4. Tia Ravenel says:

    Hey It Would Be Cool If Anyone Can Come To My Channel And Check Out My Nail
    Designs I’m Not A Pro But I Am Pretty Good To Be 11 ???????????????????????????

  5. Shing Huen Lam says:

    My fave design is the ghost! It looks quite cute! :D?

  6. chailey7777 says:

    I really like the spider web and the mummy?

  7. Aliza J says:

    I really want her to do my nails sometime! #cutepolish where are you from?
    I like the candy corn one the best. :)?

  8. freya thomas says:

    Ghost ?

  9. Iffath Ahmed. says:

    The Frankenstien was cool!!?

  10. Bumble Pear says:

    My fav is the graveyard ?

  11. Sydney O'Bier says:

    lol, her jack-o-lantern was on drugs!?

  12. Gabina Richardson says:

    The Cemetery was very neat :)?

  13. meadow powell says:

    I liked the spider web?

  14. April Rodriguez says:

    So cool?

  15. Alexis Mitchell says:

    I liked the Dripping Blood!?

  16. Caroline Goldby says:

    Candy corn ?

  17. Jazmyn Johansen says:

    all of them!!! :D?

  18. Amy Lee says:

    my favorite is the spider web?

  19. Jessica Pirtle says:

    The graveyard is great!!?

  20. Cindy Orocio says:

    The candy corn was the cutest, easiest and fantasticly delicious!!! ?

  21. Katherine Stones says:

    all of them r great i like all of them!!!?

  22. Lucy Laflamme says:

    The ghost and spider web were so cute………. (I love cute Polish?

  23. Briana Pillar says:

    All of them?

  24. Viva la Dorothy says:

    Candy corn?

  25. Milt Tobiasz says:

    I like the dripping blood one it’s like a vampire just sucked blood out of

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