My 200th Video

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Official music video for “Wide Awake,” the final chapter from ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’ on iTunes: Written by Ka…

44 Responses to “My 200th Video”

  1. DLLGbr says:

    She looks like Blake Lively at 4:08 !! So beautiful Jenna ? ?

  2. JennaMarbles says:

    This is my 200th video. I hope you like it, and thank you to those of you
    who have been there with me since the beginning, and thank you to all of
    you who have joined me since then. I love you. ?

  3. PsychoSoprano says:

    I love this video?

  4. Matthew Santoro says:

    Best video you’ve put out in a while. Beautiful.?

  5. Mariah Milano says:

    someone just told me you copied my video but I see yours was posted before
    mine so obviously you didnt. Just thought Id check it out and its similar
    and fucking awesome. Great minds think alike I guess! keep up the amazing
    work! PS…love the purple hair!?

  6. khangastain says:

    Bitch u have a net worth of like 2 million from making dumb ass videos for
    bored people on youtube, don’t try and get all sentimental and 2 inch deep
    thoughtfulness on our asses. Girl we know what its all about, veiws=money,
    aint no one watchin yo shit for motivation, no go back to makin white girls
    laugh, over using facial expressions and changing your tone of voice every
    other sentence.?

  7. Danielle Trent says:

    this made me cry. we love you jenna<3?

  8. Tandra Akther says:

    I haven’t been a follower of ur vids(until the last 3 months) but believe
    when I say this…..
    You are an amazing person as well as being smart, beautiful,funny and kind.
    Most of your videos are as extraordinary as the ones that you made when you
    just started making videos in youtube. They were hilarious to watch and as
    a 19 year old confused girl( turning 20 on the 23rd) they taught me some
    stuff… thank you for that ^_^
    I always look forward to your next videos and keep making them because you
    are idol and I love you <3?

  9. Sanaa Chisley says:

    less than three?

  10. TheLikeGuys says:

    Porn star-turned-YouTuber Jenna Marbles releases her 200th video!
    On an unrelated note, starving children in Africa has recently topped
    12,000 per 8 square mile radius.?

  11. Yingo_Bingo says:

    Why is she crying at 1:40 can someone explain? ?

  12. leslie rea says:

    I’m not crying I just have some Jenna in my eyes ?

  13. AnnMarie1592 says:

    This was an awesome n amazing videos. I love u Jenna ur beautiful n ur
    videos make me laugh n that’s what I love about u. Life is what u make it.
    U have to make it fun n just live life.. I hope one day I get to meet u n
    give u the biggest hug n take pics:) n a video cuz I make YouTube videos
    also but not as far as u are. I’m 22 years old n I’m finally with the love
    of my life.. I only have almost 11,000 subs n hopefully someday I can make
    it to wher u are!!! U inspire me Jenna so I thank u<3?

  14. chinton4517 says:

    Who spent way too much time trying to pause it on the last sentence so u
    could read what it said….I did! Lol. Love your videos found them like a
    year and a half ago and I’m still here not bored yet. ?

  15. Aarushi Elgort says:

    Can I cry now? Favorite video ever Jenna <3 I love you so much?

  16. Allan Couch says:

    youre pretty cool?

  17. Paige Lawrence says:

    I always read comments that say stuff like, “this made me cry”, and then I
    watch the video and I’m not crying… but seriously Jenna made me cry, for
    the first time on YouTube. Sweetie :3?

  18. Willie Peck says:

    It’s really nice to see someone like you that actually has a life. I’ve
    seen a lot of youtubers that outside of this website are depressed and have
    no life. It’s how they get happiness and fun. ?

  19. swifitewiththescript says:

    I love all your videos…but this is always going to be my favorite ­čÖé <3?

  20. Ilonka Lemperger says:

    love you jenna!?

  21. xoxoblonde523 says:

    I watch this video a lot. Its like my favorite. Its so touching and her
    words help. Ily jenna?

  22. TotallyTiff3 says:

    ily Jenna! any haters out there. suck my ass cuz this girl right here is
    the best thing thats ever happened to me. im so glad i took that path to
    you. ?

  23. Baylei Cooper says:

    Am I the only one who tried to read the end? Well I finally got it???? (just
    if no one seen it) it says ‘I mean next year might be pretty dope who knows.
    DICKS. ???? gotta love her?????????

  24. Juili Thakur says:

    the last chapter of katty parry’s album “THE TEENAGE DREAM”….
    Must watch it..?

  25. AntiIlluminati489 says:

    If people don’t know what this song means. Katy Perry is talking about her
    Mk- ultra mind control programming and how it happens. She is saying she
    made a mistake selling her soul to the devil for fame and every time her
    programming slips she realizes what a mistake she has made and then she
    gets reprogrammed and fake Katy Perry comes into play and again and it
    happens all over again. Its just a cycle! Notice the butterflies a common
    symbol of mk ultra mind control programming.?

  26. whatever says:

    How did I get here?

  27. Sylvan De Jardo says:
  28. YoungA170 says:

    Hello youtubers, Can you guys give my rap a listen? Thanks ?

  29. Joe Lawry says:

    Lucifer is always watching you when you sleep when you eat etc he’s always
    behind you… EVERYDAY IN THE NIGHT?

  30. Katherine Telesco says:

    Plz dont say im stupid or dumb but what is illuminati? ?

  31. LuckyMusiqLive says:

    this song is stuck in my head. makes me think about the night I was beaten
    over the head by four masked men with baseball bats..I was pronounced dead
    at the hospital. It’s a miracle that I’m alive. I went through drugs
    because of all the pain, defeated the addiction, and came out with a good
    heart. I was left for dead, and now my music helps people all over the
    world overcome loss, heartache, drugs, suicidal tendencious and other
    self-injurious behaviors. I’ve gained over a million views and twelve
    thousand subs in two years. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the
    toilet so its quiet…?

  32. Savannah Lucero says:

    +Tyler Schwindt I’m wide awake with you.?

  33. daModder100HD says:

    shes a demon ?

  34. Matthew Setzer says:

    She was trapped in illumanti and satans darkness but through god she was
    freed as became wide awake and born again ?

  35. The Original Troller says:

    A music video inside of a music video? Did I just watch the Inception
    trailer? ?

  36. saras yogesh says:

    amazing song!!!!!?

  37. Veera Moorthy says:
  38. Daisy Friend says:

    What is it with you and sparkles coming from your chest!?

  39. Fabulous Queen Elsa says:


  40. Lois Smith says:

    If you play this song backwards it says he’ll satan! Kill the world?

  41. stuntdevil44 says:


  42. Kennedy Jovanovic says:

    +KatyPerryVevo┬┤ plz tell me you dyed your hair purple!!?

  43. Sophia Denaro says:
  44. Eva Lâm says:

    The girl that Katy Perry “hand in hand” in this video is a ghost,right ??

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