Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

Muse - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

Check out the trailer of Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium. This is the first ever concert film shot in 4k Ultra High Definition. Buy the audio from the co…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Performing at the Capitol November 2014 Ricardo Montalvan Violin Paul Spencer Violin Melissa Collins Cello.

19 Responses to “Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium”

  1. Donny Harmuth says:

    Bought the album but can’t stop watching the trailer. Was one of the best
    purchases of my entire life.?

  2. David Chaumont says:

    Vu a Paris ! Génial !!! Je suis accro?

  3. Alex Syabrenko says:

    ??????? ??????? ???????? !!!?

  4. tai2691997 says:

    Release the 4K version for us!?

  5. SpaghettiSonar says:

    I saw this live at the emirates stadium, and its the greatest thing I have
    EVER seen. But it was live Madness that made it that way. Check out matt’s

  6. Alimi Saputra says:
  7. Arturo Altamirano says:

    Una. Gran. Banda.

  8. georgia bemrose says:

    When he goes yee haaa in nights of cydonia?

  9. Paulo Kxopa says:

    Como eu queria estar aê!!?

  10. Muslim Shaipov says:

    ?????? ??????????, ??.?

  11. andre fidja says:

    Perfect ! I miss you guys very much in Portugal. Hope you come back early

  12. pok282 says:

    Bands aren’t jukeboxes. They play the songs they want to play.

  13. ?ukasz ?migielski says:

    Three Gladiators

  14. Ruben Trujillo says:

    who the fuck are “the muse”!

  15. CamiEchelon04 says:


  16. Reza Hartono says:

    can’t wait the dvd

  17. myLinkinParK19HD says:


  18. Bastylax86 says:

    We are crazy people.

  19. ?????? ???? says:

    WT*? Why comment with love to the band has many dislikes?

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