“More JUICE: Leatherman CS4, XE6” by Nutnfancy

Long known in TNP as my favorite light duty multi-tool, the Leatherman S2 Juice continues to set standards in compactness, light weight, durability, and func…
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12 Responses to ““More JUICE: Leatherman CS4, XE6” by Nutnfancy”

  1. KNEXBUILDER19 says:

    Does anyone think the new Juice XE6 is any better than the old one? I know
    Nutnfancy likes it, but he seems to be in the minority. I want to get an
    MT, and honestly if the 2014 XE6 is better than the old one, it would be
    perfect for me. Anyways, thanks everyone in advanced.?

  2. Zach Henderson says:

    The kf4 has the perfect outdoor compact mt tools saw awl fine and serrated
    blades same juice stuff minus the corkscrew ?

  3. RezToRealLife says:

    Fanny packs: everyone wants to wear them… no one dares.
    I’m get’n one, and I’m put’n a bear in it.?

  4. Andrew Delashaw says:

    Just can’t get into the fanny pack thing. I can see it’s multitude of uses
    and versatility, but you could get hurt for wearing one of those in certain
    parts of my area.?

  5. colin foster says:

    I am a 14 year old boy. the following is what I use for edc. could you let
    me know if you approve: Knife-tenacious or code 4 mutitool-wave
    light-streamlight protac 2aaa 2nd knife-chill or nerve. thanks?

  6. Zach Henderson says:

    The kf4 is my fav?

  7. Sorkab says:

    Hey Nutn! You wrote in the end of the video that the CS4 lacks scissors,
    but it doesn’t lack scissors! Or did they add that later?? I bought a S2
    thinking I might be satisfied…but I too really likes the awl!
    So I took a look at the CS4 again on their website, and saw that it did
    have scissors! The lack of scissors would otherwise be a deal breaker. So
    now I have a CS4 coming in the mail! Can’t have to many Leathermans right?!

  8. Smacky Frog says:

    I really wish they had pocket clips. I’d love a lightweight MT like a
    juice, but with out the pocket clip, I feel like the sidekick will never
    lose its place on my daily carry. For me personally, I’d rather have the
    weight trade off for convenience at hand. Just too dang annoying rummaging
    around even with a lanyard tie.?

  9. purplemutantas says:

    More than 3 items? Wow, I carry more knives and lights than that. I am
    currently carrying 4 knives and 5 lights 🙂 I plan on adding more to both

  10. MultiBulldog33 says:

    are they better than the sog ?

  11. shcmoly says:

    Most do not like the corkscrew; what do you want to see in it’s place…?
    Personally I find the saw & file more useful than scissors, JMHO.
    OHT been out a while, all is quiet on it…?

  12. Paul McCarty says:

    Cutlery Shoppe is showing the XE6 as being discontinued. Get em’ while you

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