Mobile GUI Element Design in Adobe Photoshop CC (Part 1)

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9 Responses to “Mobile GUI Element Design in Adobe Photoshop CC (Part 1)”

  1. ShadowsMasquerade says:

    Nice tutorial. Just a quick tip though, instead of right clicking and
    duplicating layers every time, hit Ctrl + J instead and that will
    automatically make a copy of the selected layer.?

  2. patriotaRBC says:

    There are tow things i’d like to learn: how to make that circular pictures
    maks and how to apply in a real app !?

  3. Get Carter says:

    awesome Designs and Tutorials fantastic keep on creating also want a studio
    like yours 🙂 thanks for the files aswell?

  4. Gilney Transconder says:

    Nossa é justamente assim que estava pensando em um testador java. Pena ter
    que ter pc’s. :)?

  5. Anna Maria Rubtsova says:

    never scale that text, if the coder will be add it afterall in “pt” ?

  6. Sanjay Kumar says:


  7. Jeylani Osman says:

    Once the slider is prepared how do we use it to move?

  8. Nick Starkov says:

    why this document size??

  9. ??? says:

    Thank you?

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