Minecraft Xbox – Secret Shop [271]

Part 272 – http://youtu.be/bY4gP5VJQGs Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up …

24 Responses to “Minecraft Xbox – Secret Shop [271]”

  1. Freddy Fuckbear says:

    stampy stampy is really shit
    stampy stampy is a faggot
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    and a furry throughout the day
    but all they really want to do is to fuck
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    All i want to say is stampy is a piece of shit
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  2. Amy Lee says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:
    It’s awsome?

  3. FunWithNick 11 says:

    anyone want to sub to me if so thnx so much and i will sub back?

  4. Chi Wee says:

    It was so funny when I thought about it. right when you said ” Think I
    should start giving you something for breakfast LeeBear ” The video
    blacked out and said An error has occurred, so then I restarted youtube and
    I said, hey that would quite funny to post as a comment so here I am
    posting a comment! (:?

  5. Lakya Blevins says:

    Okay so my brother is a HUGE FAN of stampy and he was playing minecraft and
    he FOUND STAMPYS LOVELY WORLD HOUSE with no help he is so happy that he
    found it ?????

  6. Samantha Billingham says:

    Hiya, I have a daughter that is a big fan of you and is very ill today, she
    is in hospital and wants to say that you are the best person ever. Her xbox
    name is Hotty199 (she plays lots of Minecraft) Bye xxxxx P.S. Please add
    her as a friend (she told me to tell you)

  7. Emily K. says:

    I haven’t been watching Stampys videos as much lately because I haven’t had
    time but I just want to know if he has incountered/tamed any horses yet?

  8. Marissa Ramirez says:

    Marrero!!Goes stampylongnose in the mornings ???? This is what he eats for
    breakfast? ????????


  9. Erin Fitz-Gibbon says:

    Leave a like if u love stamps but if you hate him than

    Fuck offfffffffffffff!!!!,,,,!,!,!,?

  10. stufart egghead says:


  11. Jade Holden says:

    your ep make me lought with joy?

  12. benjamin gonzalez says:

    Stampy you have a high pich voice you only care about cake and you almost
    kill all your dogs well if this hurt you shame on you cause your absolutely
    perfect and awesome and who doesn’t love cake .?

  13. Patrick Spilman says:

    Happy for some reason my cows do not drop take can you help me cuz this is
    a big problem Xbox minecraft edition and I got the CD version it is not
    work could you tell me why this is from the TJ?

  14. Alex McDonald says:

    hi stampy your a fucking idiot?

  15. Matthew Scott says:

    Stampy how do you remember all of your dogs names!??

  16. Morgan Whitley says:

    wow soooo coool. stampy you should let the public on it. :-)?

  17. pwtrpwr says:

    Dear stampy,
    A few days ago I downloaded your skin and my friend downloaded Lee’s and we
    played dress up me and my friend loves you you should play on Minecraft
    together my name is Mary my cousin messed up my user name
    Love you stamps?

  18. Roller And Rosie says:

    Omg can’t believe I am talking to you me and my sis love you we will send
    you a pic later?

  19. Keith Bernard says:

    my daughter loves your videos she is 8 years old in 3 grade?

  20. Hermione Rands says:

    Leave Stampy alone and incase you did not know you spoiled brat I know a
    lot of adults who absolutely love Stampy so unless you actually like his
    videos just stay off of the comment section?

  21. Remily Gymball says:

    To stampy, roses are red violets are blue, minecraft is awesome and so are

  22. Steven P says:

    Wow stampy I love all of videos I think you are a great minecraft player
    how are you so good at building awsome stuff I really want to come on to
    your lovely world you are the best. ?

  23. Kyren Drake says:

    stampy your videos are AWSOME your sick at stuff?

  24. Benny Cane says:

    You should make more book shops in your world stampy I love your videos?

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