MineCraft PE 0.7.0/0.7.1 Sprint Mod!! Download + Instructions!!

UPDATE FOR 0.7.5*** Watch Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haX-0BZh9ho ***THIS MOD WORKS ON MINECRAFT 0.6.1 AND 0.7.1 BOTH*** Download MineCraft 0.6.1…

15 Responses to “MineCraft PE 0.7.0/0.7.1 Sprint Mod!! Download + Instructions!!”

  1. alexis ortiz says:

    Need help with the texture my minecraft copy wrong it’s the old block
    launcher texture please help me?

  2. Raphael Gamer says:

    thanks works?

  3. Jakson Ihantiuk says:

    Pause 0:07

  4. Angel ALZC IOS says:

    Ios 6

  5. Tommy Watson says:

    Does this work with the 0.7.1 update?

  6. mcpefever says:

    Yes. I know its says version 0.6.1. I originally made this video for MCPE
    0.6.1. But then, the update for 0.7.1 came, so i just posted the 0.7.1
    compatible links rather than making another video for MCPE 0.7.1. If you
    dont believe me, go ahead, download it and try it for yourself.

  7. Christian Hansen says:

    How about 0.7.2?

  8. kokong rivada says:

    thanks man but you forgot to sa turn off safe mode

  9. Zibbymen says:

    For iOS?

  10. Prior Gaming says:

    That’s not possible u sped it up

  11. mcpefever says:

    Currently it’s not supported but ill post a link as soon as i get an update!

  12. Tan Aun says:

    I always go crazy with sprinting:)

  13. mcpefever says:

    Im sorry, this mod is not compatible with iOS

  14. mcpefever says:

    Your Welcome 😉

  15. Geoffrey James Tabelisma says:

    Works tnx

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