Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

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17 Responses to “Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass”

  1. Josh Mcmurtry says:

    its funny because shes fat and hates on beautiful skinny models because
    shes jealous?

  2. Maham Khan says:

    since when did the size of your body determine how bitchy you are??

  3. GM says:

    It’s not right that Meghan Trainor is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. She
    is clinically obese and it is not healthy to be that weight. Being
    obese/overweight is one thing, but promoting it is wrong. Its a shame that
    promoting healthy eating and behavior seems to trigger the landwhales of
    Tumblr (see: Healthism).?

  4. PintoconLacras says:

    funny how she talks about being proud of her body still she didnt show a
    inch of skin. ?

  5. Lucien Hunter says:

    *What. An. Idiot.* She should be singing about *exercise and healthy living*.
    NOT, *”it’s okay to be fat, so stuff your fucking face with cakes all you
    like”*. They’re are loads of fat people, young especially, who will listen
    to this and think they are fine the way they are, when in reality they are *Lard
    Asses with health problems*. Honestly, if your stomach makes contact with
    one side of the room and your ass touches the other, then every inch of you
    is *not perfect*, those extra inches are a *waste of valuable space*.
    What’s even more funny about this video is that, the only attractive girl
    in this is the skinny one, the rest are just *excess flab*?

  6. Race Blanza - Noble says:

    I find it funny that people are overreacting to such a beautiful song. Hey!
    Skinny people! Stop hating! The truth is fat people dies as much as skinny
    people in a daily basis! Heart diseases doesn’t discriminate! My friend was
    an athlete. He was so dedicated to staying healthy and fit. Guess what? He
    had a heart attack at 26! So please stop your non-sense! Let them eat cake
    and be happy about theirselves! If you like being skinny (I know I didn’t
    when I was a size zero!) then that’s you. It’s true that men loves the
    curves! That’s a fact! My husband loves my size 8 body better than when I
    was a size 0-2! Really it’s a preference but seriously? Who wants some skin
    and bones to hug at night. For real. ????That sounds like a horror movie when
    someone wakes up next to a freakin rotting corpse!?

  7. says:

    All about that Bass this song is so controversial with all these comments
    we still love you Meghan?

  8. 8conbon says:

    I feel like this song is hating on skinny people.. I also don’t understand
    why people are hating on other people speaking the truth. Being over sized
    ISN’T healthy. Rather something they need to fix. The song is basically
    saying every person who actually take cares of their body and is skinny is
    a stick figure or a Barbie silicone doll. Before you start hating on me, I
    have nothing wrong with bigger people, its just when people are making
    songs saying their perfect and amazing, and better than skinny people when
    its NOT good, its bad for you.?

  9. Jimmy Hustler says:

    lel, this is the white girl that gets cast aside for the black guys to
    devour, thinking that she’s hot just cause she’s white.

    Your mama forget to tell that that yes men like girls with bootie, but not
    a fat girl who is disproportional and clearly has no ass and is completely
    out of shape. This is the definition of “being in shape”, you have nothing
    in the right place, please go and buy a treadmill and put the cake down you
    might get somewhere.?

  10. SuperMaleekah says:

    Of course Meghan isn’t fat although she is thick and average and she’s
    saying that there are benefits of being thick. Better thick than anorexic
    and sorry . She’s not telling anyone to be fat nor skinny, just love ur

  11. Irene Casany says:

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  12. popo rêve says:

    Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass : Qui aime!!!!????

  13. Jofre Escolà Cruz says:

    aquesta canco mola que flipas?

  14. Nati ?????? says:

    +AYSU PEARL? neterdi?))?

  15. Shirley Lim says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:?

  16. Kristóf Egri says:

    Now I’m gonna comment as a guy who mainly listens to punk rock and heavy
    metal. I listened to the song and I don’t really think that it’s dissing
    skinny girls. She says skinny bitches yeah but in the beginning of the song
    she says “I ain’t no size two”. So I kinda found some equality in that. I’m
    also a music freak who likes to try out different kind of music so I
    checked out her other songs too and I have to say, the girl is fine as an
    artist. The only song I really don’t like from her is Dear Future Husband.
    There are so much shit in the radio today, I don’t really think that Meghan
    Trainor would be the “enemy”. Nicki Minaj is 1000x times worse, copying
    other acts and selling her “music” (or whatever is that) with her ass. And
    I don’t even say anything about her lyrics…?

  17. Paola Sierra says:

    beautiful music.?

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