Making hand drawn fonts with a tablet, Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs Mini

This video explains my process for making hand drawn fonts using my Wacom Bamboo tablet, Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Glyphs Mini. This was done on my Mac Mini …
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5 Responses to “Making hand drawn fonts with a tablet, Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs Mini”

  1. wallride2wallride says:

    sick man!! i love how smartly you did that!!
    are you using a wacom??

  2. serge paulus says:

    Excellent, thanks for sharing some of your time-saving tips !?

  3. Jory Keller says:

    Ben, thanks for the tutorial! I tried it and got my handwriting created as
    a font. A problem I’m having, however, is that the letters appear very
    small and awkwardly spaced (i.e. there is too much space between
    characters). I used the same metrics you used in the video. Any ideas what
    I need to do to fix this??

  4. lentejTV9 says:

    Wished there were more tutorials on this program but this will do for now,
    thank you for this!

  5. parquevideo says:

    Very nice tutorial, Ben! Just tried it yesterday and already made my first
    font since 2008: My own handwriting 🙂 It’s still in the making, but
    compared to the other tools out there, Glyphs is so much fun and you can
    work lightning fast! Guess I’m into font design again. Thanks a lot for

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