Making a Ghost Effect in Color using Adobe Premiere Pro

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19 Responses to “Making a Ghost Effect in Color using Adobe Premiere Pro”

  1. Chase Sansone says:

    Ur awesome?

  2. someone true says:


  3. Mr Drammeh says:

    hi there thank u so much, ur tutorials make me proud?

  4. TheReturningShadow says:

    Awesome as always.?

  5. Suzy Guay says:

    it disappear when I render it 🙁 the effects only work when its not
    rendered, i dont understand haha?

  6. Ashish Mathur says:

    +Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips it was Mindblowinggg…!!! do u have same
    these types of tuts for FCP also…????

  7. NLE_Ninja Effects says:

    Nice effect and thumbnail. Usually have to use 3rd party plugins to pull
    this off?

  8. PowerBoyzTV says:

    Nice effect !

    We make music video covers and i really needed to spice things up a little,
    and now i found a way how, thanks to YOUR videos 🙂 THANK YOU ! <3?

  9. Palash Bhise says:

    ive been looking everywhere for this tutorial. thank you so much :)?

  10. Joey Boonstra says:

    Keep uploading these kind of videos man! I’m already spreading all your
    quick tip tuts to people from my school (AV specialists) Because they are
    simply short, informative and entertaining 🙂 Wish you would upload more
    though haha. – Good luck.?

  11. Vasanth. C says:

    you are the best…?

  12. Cesar H lopez S says:

    nice effect, i like to watch this with a little delay how it looks :)?

  13. Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips says:

    Making a Ghost Effect in Color using Adobe Premiere Pro?

  14. Bgally P Steele says:

    cracker music, a wee hint of u2 in it?

  15. mariuss Andino says:

    Excelente me gusta!!!! lo are en la próxima producción que haga Gracias
    ”Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips”?

  16. John Rhee says:

    This is very very cool += tips. thank you very much.?

  17. Ini Billy says:

    nice bro. always nicely done?

  18. corynuendo says:


  19. Andres Jhonston says:


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