Mac Tutorial – How To Change Your Folder Icons

Mac Tutorial – How To Change Your Folder Icons If this video helped you go ahead and LIKE it! If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comment …

16 Responses to “Mac Tutorial – How To Change Your Folder Icons”

  1. Calvin Khuu says:

    Hey guys, if you still need help because it is putting the .jpg, here is a
    link that I found that helped.

  2. Neha Singh says:

    its not working ?

  3. YinYang Gaming says:

    I want to change my Folder Icon to a actual image i got off the internet
    but when i dragged it over it turned to the folder .jpg so i tried adding
    .app to the end of it and now its just a piece of paper image. What do i

  4. Maria McCarthy says:

    Its not working

  5. Oskar yewen says:

    when u put the image in the folder like my custom mac folder it just has a
    white background and its says the type of picture like icns?

  6. Djkillmix2 says:

    how do i change the top of a mac folder??

  7. FeatureVidz says:

    Thx BRO! :)?

  8. angelae1991 says:

    How do you change the icon back to the normal blue folder when you get

  9. Kevin ginting says:

    it doesn’t work it just pop the preview picture but thanks to try to help

  10. GiaMedia3 says:

    what is the correct folder size for the photos?

  11. Dougie Benton says:

    mine comes up with the preview icon with png beneath it

  12. Technologyguru77 says:

    I am glad I could change your life! Thanks for the positive feedback.

  13. Fernando Alvarenga says:

    than you so much!! 🙂

  14. Technologyguru77 says:

    16X16 or 32X32, if you google Mac Icon Images you will find sites that
    already have these pre-made to the correct size.

  15. joocaddie says:

    Fuck! it just goes to the preview image.

  16. YogyPlay says:

    it doesnt work it just apears the Preview app image

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