Love problem || Telugu Short Film || Presented by iQlik Movies

Love Problem – It Happens in every story. Presented By Watch in HD for best experience. Casting: Charan Tej, Swati Singh, Vidhun, Immu Genre …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “Love problem || Telugu Short Film || Presented by iQlik Movies”

  1. tulasi ram says:

    super ?

  2. t.yogendra nath babu babu says:

    nice short film, i think this film shooting was done in bangalore.
    Especially only for one shot you guys went to nandi hills great.

  3. sunkam sreenath kumar says:

    Really Excellent ……………. Keka Boss ………?

  4. david stone says:

    i loved this..ummmmmahhhhh…ver

  5. rakesh bairam says:

    what a sweet love story……………….bosssssssssssss?

  6. Harsha Vardhan says:

    really excellent job guys . the best short film . and the dialogues very
    excellent .which every man suffers and came that what the fact is.

  7. Gugulothu Prasad says:

    great job…..?

  8. ActionKing Sravan says:

    background super mama and editing adirindi i like it ?

  9. Venkat Gumpini says:

    Simply superb. Chinna situation laaga, exlent ga no no emotional ga
    represent chesaru…. Good (always situations makes problems but not the

  10. Mahesh Rajulapati says:

    vidhun ga keka chesav action and Immu nice timing to blast the punches :-)?

  11. yashupower says:

    movie chala Bagundhi,Especially Background score,heroine and friend
    character.only disappointment is lead roles iddhari madhya sequence and the
    kind of problem they have, inkoncham elavate chesunte
    bagundhdhi…Congratulations to whoe Team…..Jai hind.?

  12. Phani Bhushan says:

    nyc concept i lyk it :-)?

  13. Aslam mohammed says:

    nice message bro 🙂 ?

  14. anil esari says:

    superbb.dude u did a great job…….awesome.?

  15. chandu mouli says:

    Good attempt guys?

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