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  1. Lexi DiBenedetto says:

    “Love Is All You Need?” is a movie about acceptance and not judging one
    another, because no one should ever feel alone. I personally believe this
    movie is exactly what young adults and teens need to be watching. Now a
    teacher’s job is on the line because of discrimination. That is the very
    thing “Love Is All You Need” is trying to prevent. Please help support Kim
    Rocco Shields’ call to action and learn more about this incident at Love Is
    All You Need Movie – Teacher may be fired for showing in his school?

  2. sicktoaster says:

    Many comments are from people wondering how people in this video reproduce.

    It is not required for people to be sexually attracted in order to have sex
    and have babies.

    Watch the video and pay close attention to where Pope Joan makes an
    exemption for when heterosexual sex is OK. She says “it is a
    sin”…”outside of the mating season.” In this world heterosexual sex is OK
    as long as it’s just for the sake of procreation and not love.

    This also illustrates why the whole “if everyone were gay we’d all die out”
    arguments FAIL!?

  3. Luca Loves You says:

    I find it funny how many people go and talk crap about homosexuality and
    how its against god. I mean really if you take minute notice that if god
    hated us we wouldnt be here right now. If god hated us why would we have
    heterosexual people teaming up with us to appose the ban on gay marriage.
    Love has no gender love is free will. Meaning we are free to love whoever
    or whatever we please. It doesnt matter if it be boy or girl hell even a
    tree. You need to open your eyes and shut your mouth before you go and talk
    crap. ?

  4. RedFlyNinja says:

    Cliche video with an uncreative moral. The concept is alright but very
    flawed, If it is trying to be the exact opposite of the real world like
    your just changing the words and meaning… Everybody is treating it like
    it’s some evil drug.

    (Okay maybe not completely awful since it’s high quality with actors)?

  5. Karstens Creations says:


  6. Roses Stylinson says:

    In this movie if heterosexuality is a sin? How are there babies??

  7. gio randolph says:

    perverted life style wow, I think its the OTHER WAY AROUND?

  8. Nabila Nawrin says:

    A different perspective…?

  9. Christel Balban says:

    Ashley was pretty and is it a film that hapend I wish I was her best friend?

  10. Aux Power says:

    I’m not against homosexuality nor do I support it is it wrong to be

  11. jeshua fulmer says:

    Whats the song that starts at 10:30 while the bullies are chasing her?

  12. crazyweirdo says:

    Saw this at school it’s great well done for making this, I just don’t get
    it when her feet are floating up in the water x?

  13. Boniface23 says:

    I hope you all know that scientists have done studies and they can’t prove
    that people are actually born gay. Therefore I believe it is just a choice
    and people have mentally convinced themselves that they are gay. It is
    obviously a mental illness that needs to be looked into being cured.?

  14. Ruby Anne says:

    If I’m getting bullied like that in school I would standup for myself and
    fight back. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. RWJwithoutRWJ2 says:

    Why does it have to be about a gay world? Why can’t it be in the world it
    is now? This movie puts gays in a bad light.?

  16. Tyler James says:

    These Lights – Blackchords is life!?

  17. Ashley Farthing says:

    All bullying is wrong! I cried at the end. But I’m reading the comments and
    people are fighting about gay things and stuff and honestly I don’t think
    same gender marriage or relationship is right because not only am I
    Christian but ID probably never think it was right. So when I say that it’s
    not right people ASUME I’m like those people in the film! Again- all
    bullying is wrong so they should not just focus on this situation because
    it’s starting to make religious groups look bad.:(?

  18. jewel nunez says:

    I cried this is so sad im speechless and its so sad how this happens so

  19. Overlord Zorgon says:

    (?°?°??? ????

  20. Noemi T says:

    I cried at the ending, but I know what I feel right now isn’t as close to
    the pain felt by the ones who were/are judged solely because of who they
    love. People do not wake up one day and choose to be gay, just like others
    don’t choose to be straight. I’m tired of people saying that being gay is a
    sin or because they were grown up a certain way, they believe that being
    gay is wrong. That belief was made so long ago and passed on from
    generation to generation because there was a lack of knowledge, it is about
    to be 2015 and there is enough scientific evidence that proves being gay is
    not a choice, your sexuality is not a choice. So it’s about time that you
    people create your own beliefs and stop following outdated and completely
    ridiculous ideas that “being gay is bad” or a sin. Get it together.?

  21. Smokey Dawg says:

    This is gay?

  22. Shuuya Kano says:

    I think the other heterosexual kid pissed me off the most. I mean really,
    he said he loved her and stuff but instead he lied and made the whole thing
    worse. I mean even his lie was horrible, he basically said she was trying
    to rape him! Why didn’t he just say something else, or throw something at
    the other kids for that matter.?

  23. Carsen Darling says:

    I think that if we took the aspects of this video (homosexual folks being
    the accepted) and combined it with real life (heterosexual folks being
    accepted) with also the acceptance of bi/pan/trans/ace folk, I think the
    world would be a much better place for the most part. Yeah, I know the
    world is still a shitty place with racism and everything else, but it would
    be a step in the right direction.?

  24. ??? says:

    This great video can’t be allowed to play in public in China?

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