Logo design // gradients 8 (Illustrator CS5)

That’s a time lapse of a logo design. That video is not meant to be a tutorial, it’s rather for inspiration. 😉 Made in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Check out my n…

15 Responses to “Logo design // gradients 8 (Illustrator CS5)”

  1. akanksha singh says:

    How u delete the part that u don’t need around the circle, I got stuck

  2. julia wein says:

    Really fascinating! simple and beautiful. thanks a lot!?

  3. julia wein says:


  4. Nghaka Chawngthu says:

    nice man..gotta say illustrator is much more powerful than photoshop when
    it comes to graphic design. been working my ass off on PS, now im shifting
    to Ai, your video is inspiring. ill be on the look out for more.

  5. Faust Zaragoza says:

    I just hope there’s a voice for beginners like me.

  6. jeanmarc GENTIL CAZES says:

    excellent as always … thank’s a lot for the demonstration.

  7. atia emad says:


  8. Motorbass303 says:

    I love the low pass filter at the end of your videos! ;] That wraps it up.

  9. hülya çilingiro?lu says:

    How do you do that “copy and paste” thing ? i dont know what it is im new
    at illustrator. And please make some tutorials you cant know how much
    useful they will be for us

  10. Mohammed Alamoudi says:

    Great i love it keep with the cool tuts 😉

  11. Varo Vader says:

    only in 480 ?…. 🙁 Thx master

  12. GOURDO says:

    Haha, okay. Nice work though. Is it worth getting Illustrator if I already
    have photoshop? Just for graphic design and stuff.

  13. TheLondonForever00 says:


  14. avi18xx says:

    It’s Recolor Artwork tool, it’s shows up when you select any object as
    color wheel. Otherwise you can get it at menu – Edit -> Edit Color ->
    Recolor Artwork

  15. Musicdonkey41 says:

    You need to slow down a little for the people who have only one screen and
    do some explaining maybe in text if you don’t want to speak..

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