Lightroom Tutorial: Editing Raw Wedding Photos

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Today I will like to show you how to edit your GoPro videos so that you can upload them to your Instagram. I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit my …

19 Responses to “Lightroom Tutorial: Editing Raw Wedding Photos”

  1. David Iliyn says:

    400k? You all rock!?

  2. David Iliyn says:

    ALMOST AT 200k PEOPLE!!!!!!?

  3. evenios says:

    nice 🙂 i has the canon eos m + lens adapter and 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8
    lens. not entirely the best camera for wedding stuff (autofocus a bit
    slower) but being a hobbiest not a bad setup :as im not a pro ;-). then
    maybe one day one of the higher end cameras!?

  4. Jacqueline du Plessis says:

    This rocks + David lliyn you mentioned a PRESET you’d make on this. Did
    you? Where can I find it??

  5. Sam Boyette says:

    “Not many people know me.”

    284,000 views later…?

  6. Steve Karapetian says:

    Excellent buddy thank you. Guess I wont be needing photoshop..?

  7. Robert Thomas says:

    I`m going to purchase Adobe Lightroom and start working with Raw files.
    Should I buy Lightroom 4 or Lightroom 5? I would like to know what you

  8. Jacob McCarthy says:

    Hey man, how do you get the groomsmen to do stuff like that??

  9. Steve Karapetian says:

    I did not get which lens you used??

  10. Kristina Seaton says:

    Great video! I am just learning about lightroom. I shot my first wedding
    this morning. I thought I would “google” how to use lightroom with wedding
    photos (raw). So this is how I stumbled upon your video. Thank you for
    the tips and for your expertise. I’m glad you did this video. 🙂 Now I
    just have to figure it all out so that I can have all the edited photos to
    the couple by Monday evening. I think I might be busy all weekend. lol ?

  11. Pencil Jockey says:

    Looks great on my screen. Thanks for the video?

  12. Ashley Giese says:

    Excited to start watching your LR tutorials! I haven’t been able find the
    video where you cover calibration…..which one is it?!?!?! Thanks :)?

  13. Senkettsu says:

    Why don’t you mask when sharpening??

  14. Jeremy Sciarappa says:

    I did a quick tutorial on how to edit your #GoPro videos for Instagram.

    Edit GoPro Videos for Instagram – Jeremy Sciarappa?

  15. Daniel R says:

    You wouldn’t happen to know how to make those videos with writing on them
    that look like mêmes, would you? I have looked around and I have asked
    people that make them. But can’t get a response for the low of me. It is
    almost like it’s top secret! Lol. Hopefully you can help. ?

  16. Zach Blackburn says:

    What is your instagram nam? I went to search it and no results were found.?

  17. Gabito Geody says:

    iT WORKS!!!!

  18. Junior Soto says:

    Hey man !! I got hero 3. I always record and use a phone app on the
    android. And when I upload it goes to craply quality although I download it
    on high resolution of the gopro app. Any suggestions? Can I use their gopro
    editing software and change all the specs like you did on this software??
    Help out man thanks !!!?

  19. Noraisha Kamsani says:

    Bro.. Theres a better way.

    1. Wifi transfer to phone
    2. Edit with splice (speed, audio)
    3. Use squarereadyV to have a full wide angle (cos instagram always crop
    our vids)
    4. Upload on nstagram.

    Im using iphone.. 🙂 thts how i did it.

    Check out my instagram @aisha103 or #aishagopro?

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