Lightroom 5 Tutorial – Import Photos & Create Catalogs

Lightroom 5 Tutorial - Import Photos & Create Catalogs

Our tutorial on how to import your photos in to Lightroom 5 plus a walk-through of the catalog and file management systems Don’t forget to click ‘subscribe’ …

21 Responses to “Lightroom 5 Tutorial – Import Photos & Create Catalogs”

  1. WeAreSoPhoto says:

    For any photographers who are new to Lightroom 5, here’s a walkthrough of
    how to import your photos, including how and why you create catalogs.
    #lightroom #photography?

  2. Pencil Jockey says:

    Thanks for the video! Very helpful! ?

  3. _chrisisisms_ says:

    Just the video I was looking for! I’ve been using photoshop for years and
    it’s hard to break out of the method you’re used to. I’ve got photographer
    friends who have been using LR for everything and they swear by it so I’m
    just trying to make the change. This was the perfect video for someone like
    myself. Clear and understandable explanations and a good pace to which you
    allow the information to sink in. Thanks Oliver. Sub’d and liked.`?

  4. Ekaterina Pugacheva says:

    A separate catalog for each shoot? You gotta be kidding me. Don’t you read
    Adobe help? and then you say that with such confidence, spreading this
    terrible mistake to so many people…?

  5. Louie Dc says:

    hello! thanks for the tutorial, really helps! I’m new to lightroom,
    graduated from iPhoto LOL!! anyways, how were you able to take out the
    other modules that you don’t use (print, web, etc,) thanks!?

  6. Holli Johnson says:

    This was so helpful, thank you so much!?

  7. Carla Warnock says:

    awesome. super helpful! ?

  8. pena645 says:

    This is the best explanation I have seen so far. It all makes sense.
    Thank you.?

  9. acesofgambit says:

    i got a problem. when i already imported a photo/s and edited and save,
    WHY I CAN’T OPEN again the original photos? i says “already in the
    HOW CAN I OPEN PHOTO/S THAT IT WAS OPENED BEFORE. like i want to edit again
    the same photo/s?

    pls help :(?

  10. bangtwister says:

    Very helpful thank you ?

  11. Mogroo T says:

    what’s cr2 file? raw files??

  12. Amanda Marie Schwinghammer says:

    awesome. super helpful! ?

  13. kimberly Branson says:

    I’m having trouble importing photo’s…. Is it possible to get them
    directly from iPhoto? ?

  14. Maureen J says:

    Love this, thank you! One question, how do you remove Map, Book and Web
    from LR5? Or do you have a tutorial that includes that? Thanks!?

  15. Jiten Shah says:

    Many Thanks mate ..its help me a lot ….again thanks a ton…?

  16. Oliver Pohlmann says:

    For those of you who are new to Lightroom 5, here’s our video tutorial on
    how it works, why you need to create catalogs and how to import your
    photos. #photography ?

  17. SterlingMpM says:

    too much info for my simply question great video wish the info was
    condensed or concentrated?

  18. Mark Walters says:

    my pleasure…..!?

  19. eka gaurangga says:

    do you make a catalog for every photo shoot? or just make only one catalog
    every year? thanks?

  20. Mark Walters says:

    Many thanks for the tutorial Oliver. I’ve just got Lightroom 5 and this
    video has answered a lot of questions for me…..!
    Great work…..!?

  21. wdavism says:

    I don’t understand why I can see this – it is all a blur?

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