Lesson 25 – Creating the Border or Frame around the Image in Photoshop

In the photography lesson I will show you how to create the border or frame around the image in Photoshop. Music: Kevin MacLeod. (Licensed under Creative Com…

15 Responses to “Lesson 25 – Creating the Border or Frame around the Image in Photoshop”

  1. Dave Pulte says:

    Thank you very much for this great tutorial. I am a new PS user and I’ve
    been trying to figure this out all day. Awesome!?

  2. bharath simha says:

    hi madam can give a tutorial of how a subject in a photo … i mean only
    the selected without adding any background or sinking that pic in other
    image only just a tutorial of saving selected object can u pls thanks in

  3. william see says:

    thank you very much, i learn alot.?

  4. Edward Picky says:

    Wow, the last part (involving actions) is great. It’ll save me so much

  5. michael86734 says:

    cool is she a model the one on the picture?

  6. saju johns says:

    thank u?

  7. Kamal Siddiqui says:

    V V gd.?

  8. saju johns says:

    I want to know about “which camera you are using for this portrait”??

  9. Bobby Villela says:

    Hi and thank you for the simplicity in your tuts! I find them very

  10. easyexposure says:

    What do you mean by invisible? Remove person from the photo?

  11. irwin ginete says:

    nice vid. i really learned a lot.. but can you do on how you changed
    background in photo shop. tnx’s and more power..

  12. Sam says:

    Very thank. I am sure I will get more, and eager for that.

  13. Mui Sin says:

    I like your video so much!

  14. safeharbor7 . says:

    It has been awhile beautiful lady, nice to see you. Big thumbs up for this
    video. Larry

  15. Nirmal Sharma says:

    is this work on older photoshop, i am trying but i can not chose color for

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