Lego Portrait | Bob Marley | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to demonstrate how to create a portrait in Adobe Photoshop inspired by Lego. ***************** DOWNLOAD LINKS: Project Folder / I…
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This is a tutorial on how to use Photoshop Elements 9 to remove a background sky and replace with another.
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25 Responses to “Lego Portrait | Bob Marley | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Irina Bystritskaya says:

    Where are these files to download (._lego pieces.psd and the ._lego
    squares.pat files)? I subscribed to your tutorial. Thank you?

  2. EVAproductions says:

    I met this guy and he is awesome ! :)?

  3. nam nguyen says:

    amazing…amazing…love this video ! Thank you so much!?

  4. Ken Lee says:

    Awesome Job and Great TUTs , Tasty.
    Every Single Tutorial is very well Articulated and Easy to understand.
    Thank you for sharing and please keep up the Great job !

    Best Regards,

  5. Dina MG says:

    thanks a lot this tuts are Great?

  6. Fitra Latupono says:

    i always love the tutorials u made.. i’ve watched all of em 😀 anyway i
    love it when u says “backgroud” it’s amazing pronounced 😀
    once again TIA! LOVE YA?

  7. Claudiu Alexandru says:

    When I open color overlay don’t appear the color box and color picker and
    everythind is red…?

  8. JHand04 says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    This is some sweet stuff!!?

  9. Lode Vlayen says:


  10. Tr?n Duy says:

    i don’t known 16:22 ????

  11. Jamie Toh says:

    Bro, where did you download the lego_squares.pat??

  12. Giovanni Iannitti says:

    Thanks for your great tutorial!!! If I wish to make for example Lego logo
    in the same way its’ possible or there are some varations?

    Thanks again :)?

  13. Richard Novak says:

    great stuff, thanks for the share?

  14. Edward Gil says:

    great thank you?

  15. Mellamo Instinkt says:

    Hi, I am currently using Photoshop CS6 on a PC. I have tried to open both
    the ._lego pieces.psd and the ._lego squares.pat file and both do not work.
    The psd file says, ” Could not complete you request because it is not a
    valid Photoshop document.” and when I try to open the pattern it says, ”
    This pattern file is bad or corrupt.” I’ve tried placing it into the the
    presets folder as well. Program files/ Adobe/ Photoshop/ Presets/ Patterns.
    That doesn’t work either. Anything you can do to help? By the way I enjoy
    these videos! Keep them coming! ?

  16. WOT Wardayum says:

    your so smart haha ;D this is awesome <3 keep it up bro (:

  17. TastyTuts | Creative video tutorials by Gareth David says:

    Also are you on PC or mac?

  18. Chaozzzx says:

    Awesome sauce

  19. TastyTuts | Creative video tutorials by Gareth David says:

    On PC you have to navigate to your program files / Adobe / Photoshop, and
    locate your Presets folder. Once you have downloaded the lego_squares.pat
    file, drop it into that folder. Open Photoshop and it should work for you
    then. Also I have learnt that in PS you can go to File / Open, and open the
    .pat file as well. Hope one of those works.

  20. TastyTuts | Creative video tutorials by Gareth David says:

    Hi there, what are you having problems with? the lego pieces.psd, or the
    lego pieces.pat file.

  21. Loddi Mone says:

    what program do i have to download?

  22. Awpwn says:

    There a reason for this being unlisted?

  23. Bojana Shurbanoska says:

    on PC

  24. MrJimsearles says:

    @Sparklefan You ask a great question. In Photoshop, I would just suggest
    using Select, Color Range, but since that is not available in Elements,
    this is what I suggest: 1. Select the Magic Wand tool 2. In the control
    panel, apply these settings: Select Add to Selection; Set tolerance to
    about 30; Uncheck Contiguous checkbox 3. In the image, click on the
    background color behind the leaves 4. Once all color is selected, hit
    delete key to make areas invisible Background should show through.

  25. David Thomas says:

    This video was very helpful. Thanks. I have a question. There are a bunch
    of trees in the photo I am using and the clouds need to somehow become part
    of many tiny spaces in between the branches. Is there are PS Elements tool
    for this?

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