Learn Premiere Pro CS5 – How to export your project

http://bit.ly/beGTxY ^^^ When its time to export your project in Premiere Pro CS5 you have options. Today we go over them. Enjoy! http://filmmakingcentral.co…
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31 Responses to “Learn Premiere Pro CS5 – How to export your project”

  1. Neng Louis says:

    why when i export my project it doesn’t have an audio ?

  2. Rockmonix says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could prehaps offer some insight into my issue. I
    recorded some game footage using FRAPS and when I strung it all together
    and exported the video ended up being 10 gigs and the quality was terrible.
    I matched the sequence settings and exported as an avi. I tried exporting
    it again as an mpeg2, the file size reduced to 1.5 gigs but the quality was
    just as bad. There are subtitles in the gameplay that I want to include but
    with the reduced quality they are unreadable.

  3. Acheron Studio says:

    This program is so ridiculously frustrating! On my version the default save
    location for exported videos was under some temporary app data folder that
    was impossible to locate. You have to click on “output name” to choose the
    name AND the save location. Horribly unintuitive and frustrating… I had
    been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out! 🙁

  4. MDM_Productions says:

    its taking two hours or more to export my video, im using a Mac computer
    intel duo 2 64 bit. can you help me please?

  5. MrsAppelsina says:

    DUDE! This is wayyyy to complicated, we just had to get the simplest
    explanations 🙂

  6. charmed7036 says:

    And I can’t throw off the black margin. I encrease the pixels and nothing
    happens. IN the source everything is okay, but in output,no. Please help
    me. I use Premiere CS5.5.

  7. Alyssa Noelle says:

    thanks for you help 🙂

  8. JuiZyy ~ Editor/Gamer says:

    thx dude 😛

  9. Dragonio3 says:

    No matter what settings im putting my video to export on, its the same ,
    low resolution bad quality… i dont know what im doing wrong.

  10. rattlecake says:

    “vim-ay-oh”? 2:43. sorry. had to.

  11. quangluu96 says:

    @HNNproductionz You have to select the sequence or you can’t click media,
    or if you have older version, i’m not sure if Media is the way you export

  12. charmed7036 says:

    @themediamogul Can you give me an advice to export videos with high quality
    and lower capacity? For example if I use DVD PAL what kind codec i should
    use? If I choose MPEG 4 what kind of codec I should use? Please answer as
    soon as possible.

  13. Rockmonix says:

    @themediamogul The game I’m playing is running at 1920×1080 and I have
    fraps set to capture at half to save disc space, which I guess is 960×540.
    Ultimately I would like to upload to youtube.

  14. nfaguade says:

    lol medieval hero

  15. Mondragon Media says:

    can you make a video of this……I dont understand what a dynamic link is

  16. Venomhide says:

    Im exporting vids from premier CS5 via the encoder and im still getting bad
    quality vids :(( check my recent youtube vids =/ whats the prob? the
    quality on my PC isnt that bad . Its slightly more blurry but its way worse
    when i uploaded it on Youtube! Help plz :((

  17. David Basulto says:

    @CRAZYBuNnyPr0dUcTi0n Do you have the CS5 Production Suite? If so you can
    export via dynamic link to Adobe Encore and create a dvd.

  18. dundeeslapped says:

    Probably a super dumb question but im new to adobe….i do i get my video
    to fit the right viewing screen perfectly….its zoomed in and i have it
    set on “fit”

  19. Khamis1203 says:

    It doesnt give me the option to export as media someone help.

  20. Khamis1203 says:

    lol it only took 5 months XD haha thanks 🙂

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  22. Hanz Aliraqi says:

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  25. david iraq says:

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  26. chunji TEEB TOP says:

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  27. Hanz Aliraqi says:

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  29. prince Abdalbagi says:

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