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Terror suspect on FBI list apprehended
WASHINGTON – A federal official confirmed to CBS News that a man on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list was taken into custody in Somalia. He was identified as Liban Haji Mohamed, 29, a former cab driver from Northern Virginia, wanted for trying to …
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Vietnamese al Qaeda propagandist extradited from UK to face US terror charges
A Vietnamese computer whiz extradited from Great Britain will be arraigned Wednesday in Manhattan for allegedly helping militants of a Yemen-based al Qaeda offshoot group spread their message of hate to Westerners through the publication of an online …
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Rick Mercer Blasts Politics Of Fear Amid Anti-Terror Debate
Canadians are currently being bombarded with messages about fear, from both the government and the media. Rick Mercer has some advice: don't give in. In his latest rant, the host of "The Rick Mercer Report" blasted the politics of fear that could be …
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