Lana Del Rey – Tropico (Short Film) (Explicit)

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23 Responses to “Lana Del Rey – Tropico (Short Film) (Explicit)”

  1. vesper selene says:

    Some of these comments make me laugh. It’s very interesting that some of
    you are calling this music “Satanic.” Certain subgenres of Black Metal are
    Satanic. Please listen to the music of Varg Vikernes, a Black Metal
    musician from Norway. On the cover of one of his albums is the picture of a
    burned down church. This is a church he personally burned to the ground
    because he hates Christianity. That’s Satanic, guys. Lana del Ray is NOT
    Satanic. Just because the message isn’t Christian, doesn’t automatically
    make it Satanic. If that’s the case, then all non-Christian bands should
    automatically be referred to as Satanic.?

  2. Ramzi Abughazaleh says:

    You fools, this isn’t “satanic” or “illuminati content”. Lana is depicting
    the Biblical concept of sin and redemption in this short film.
    At first, when she and Shaun are in Paradise, Lana’s song “Body
    Electric” (based on American poet Walt Whitman’s “I Sing the Body
    Electric”) plays. To better understand the superb context of the song,
    ponder upon the lyrics and look up Whitman’s poem, in addition to
    annotations and explanations of the verses to help you through it. Anyhow,
    in Heaven, Lana and Shaun do not heed orders and commit sin by taking a
    bite out of the apple (it is very possible that the apple is an example of
    metonymy where Lana is hinting at something else, namely desire and lust).
    They are thus punished and sent down to Earth, where life is a completely
    different flavor, and their mindset from thereon begins to shift.
    On Earth, Lana and Shaun start off by leading a life of sin and
    disbelief, pursuing their wildest desires, deluded into believing that that
    lifestyle is Heaven. This is a remarkable example of irony and oxymoron.
    That’s when “Gods and Monsters” comes into play, highlighting the theme of
    sin and lustful pursuit. Again, the context of the song is stupendous and
    the lyrics hold a lot more meaning when pondered upon deeply. Almost
    everything mentioned in the song is to be taken metaphorically, not
    By time, Lana’s conscience starts to knock in and she enters a phase of
    contemplation, reminiscing the days spent in the Garden of Eden. Shaun and
    Lana finally decide to abandon “The Land of Gods and Monsters” and wander
    off on their own. The entire atmosphere of the film begins to evolve,
    packed with a lot of symbolism, like the way the two exchange their dark
    outfits with white clothes, representing an incline towards purity and
    redemption. In the last of the three songs featured in Tropico, “Bel Air”
    discusses the idea of Heaven and vindication. Pleading for mercy, Lana and
    Shaun are finally vouchsafed forgiveness, and the film concludes with the
    pair making their return to Paradise.
    Now, let’s get to the point. I think this film is brilliant, and the
    fact that Lana herself had written this blows be away. She created
    something that has a lot of meaning to it, she evoked an impression in you,
    she got you thinking. This is what defines art; this is a visual
    illustration poetry. It is definitely not a plain sailing feat to
    accomplish. This is what music is about, expressing what you feel and
    depicting what words and pictures alone cannot depict. To be fair, I deem
    it is a good change of weather from the common meaningless lyrics and songs
    about sex promoted by the majority of today’s artists. Lana deserves much
    more credit on this than she is receiving. I hope she knows that there at
    least a few people who recognize the powerful meaning behind her videos and
    prepossessing lyrics and likewise appreciate the hard-work and dedication
    that she had endured in the making. Bottom line: it is a masterpiece, a
    revolutionary work of art in an era where music has lost its value. ?

  3. becca s says:

    everyone saying this is satanic, lana is a christian. She said herself: she
    likes the idea of being taken care of by a greater force.?

  4. Avee Caesar says:

    You fuckers see a music video a little bizarre (which is great because it’s
    different & beautiful)and then you are telling everybody that it is
    Illuminati. You are annoying as fuck with your paranoias. Get your shit

  5. william taylor says:

    i just spent 27 minutes of my life i can never get back, wasted on this
    crap !?

  6. Darovi Elizondo says:

    People want to defend this vidoe , other want to point fingers but if you
    want to be realistic you must admit that the video don’t have any Christian
    message in it, all I see is an entire blasfemy.
    Like this verses
    ” heaven is my baby, suicide’s her father Opulence is the end”.
    ” Living in the garden of Evil screwed up, sacred, doing anything that I
    “You got that medicine I neede fame, liquor give it to me slowly…… Me
    and God , we dont get along so now I sing no ones gonna take my soul away”

    “I don’t really wanna know what good for me God’s dead, I said baby that is
    alright with me” –> is this something a christian would say?????

    This have nothing of the word of God, this looks more like the coming of
    the antichrist, we are not here to be romans catholics buddist or what ever
    we are here to be followers of Jesus, People forgot what is to be a
    christian and they use the word too freely.


  7. Nina COCOA Storm says:

    If any fool here says that she is a devout Catholic/Christian then you are
    delusional and twisted! If it wasn’t clear from the very start when she
    played Mary praying to John and substituting GOD with John Wayne
    (anti-Christ mockery) then you are just as brainwashed as she is! She’s a
    great artist but she makes it paramount to highlight negativity and dark
    energy and drown or suppress the idea of God! Her lyrics clearly profess
    “me and God doesn’t get along… But no ones gonna take my soul away” this
    is promoting recklessness and rebellion against GOD!

    When the Adam bit the apple Illuminati was spelled out behind him! In her
    albums/music/lyrics she consistently promotes drug use philandering and
    reckless behavior that is completely adverse to the teachings of God! Which
    express how she identifies herself as fallen from grace to struggles and
    disparity upon disobeying God!

    Maybe this is a cry for help or simply a highlight of some other thing she
    worships… It certainly ain’t Godly and she makes it clear!

    I don’t knock her for expressing her beliefs and choices… But don’t be
    delusional! She’s no saint… Neither am I

  8. Sam D says:

    I was an angel…..looking to get fucked hard……WTF? Yeah ok, not
    suggestive of illuminati or satanism at all. People are honestly so blind.
    It’s funny, that people who don’t believe say go research before you talk
    when they’re the ones who dont do any research at all. Lana’s right about
    one thing tho, this generation is fucked.?

  9. dukpoki says:

    blasphemous piece of trash. you can use the excuse and call it art, or
    deep and meaningful all you want but at the end of the day it’s still
    negative pandering with anti christian messages/undertones written
    blatantly all over it.?

  10. kotl777 says:

    Lana is a talented writer. She enjoys film and writing for the love of
    writing. Poetry. Why do people have to makes some huge debate about
    satanism or Christianity. Why can’t we just say it’s lana’s poetic words in
    film. Poetry doesn’t always have to mean this huge things sometimes they
    are just beautiful words and phrases, thoughts strung together. People are
    sensitive now a days just take it as it is and move on with your life ?

  11. Ichigo Kurosaki Kurosaki FK says:

    Its not illuminati, its just stupid, ” John said let there be light ”
    Retard foolish video this special woman made … edit : yeah, its
    illuminati …?

  12. Aniba Valeriu says:

    It amuses me how many of you try their best to show their superiority over
    others. Each claiming he is more true about something than the others. Each
    believing correcting other upon religion is a fullfiling of God’s will,
    while God’s will is only to be love and harmony and respect between

    Isn’t God’s role to judge the people? Are Gods? If you judge other people
    than maybe you see yourselfs as God-like. Who is the blasphemous then?

    2 000 years after the great teachings of a great being, Jesus, and still
    most of you are so wicked that one person can lose faith in humanity.

    Sometimes I feel like this world is a cursed world, without any way of
    redemption. But sometimes I remember of me, a kind and respectfull human,
    whom through objectivity and intelligence has attained the possibility to
    make God proud of me. And that through Respecting the other people, no
    matter what they believe and do.
    Through the enormous hope I have for humanity, aknowledging it’s potential.
    Through aiming in life to help as much as possible the entire humanity
    through my aptitudes that I’ve recieved upon my birth.
    Through feeling the nature as a pattern of life.
    It is nothing like being individualistic about humanity. It is like
    togheter We Prosper!?

  13. DirectionerBoy Novelas says:

    Mi diabolica cantante se paso de loca xdddd?

  14. muddavugger says:

    John Wayne is the image of the law on Earth, Elvis is the image of living
    in salvation on Earth, and Marilyn is the image of sin on Earth. Her guy is
    her lover and when she starts out sinning and sells her soul her lover
    saves her. Her husband then leads her to salvation by living their lives
    together and touring America. I love her poem she has the John Wayne
    character recite. Then, after they live their lives they resurrect. Art
    imitating life. It is what we all have to go through on Earth. “Magnificent
    Desolation.” (Buzz Aldrin) :.)?

  15. adam shah says:

    Perfection… I nearly cried at the end when she was forgiven, why can’t
    lana make more of these films. She could base on on ultraviolence?

  16. Moisés Pedro says:

    Eu amo isso…
    Lana Del Rey – Tropico (Short Film) (Explicit):

  17. Bishop Bryant says:

    Who else loves all the references from Lana’s other songs that are in this

  18. Lyla Ramirez says:

    If she really was catholic she wouldnt always be glamorizing sex drugs and
    yolo bs … I think a real chatholic person would b horrified to see
    this..its overrated however I think she has great talent if she could just
    channel it into something more than the typical. So many artist now a days
    r all about the live fast die young thing. Id like to see something
    different for a change. ?

  19. Molly Hoffman says:

    Lana is a beautiful artist and person and this film talks about her life
    before she was famous, Google her before you judge her lyrics, hell, don’t
    even judge her, you don’t like her, that sucks for you, Lana probably could
    care less about the haters ?

  20. Karol Vale says:

    Simplesmente incrível. ???

  21. MiniMouseXO says:

    The meaning of the video isn’t at all “satanic” or even Christian. This
    video projects Lana’s innocence at first, but she was lured into
    corruption. At the end she is reborn again, pure. If you did some
    background you might know that Lana had a troublesome adolescence before
    she corrected her ways. This may be a reflection of that. ?

  22. ?????? ?. says:

    favourite song <3 10:07-13:57 ?

  23. Amanda Yzaguirre says:

    Can someone just tell me why is Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe in the
    beginning? I don’t understand… At all… And that cowboy guy.
    Some may no and I might sound dumb. I just never really payed well
    attention to know the meaning. Someone kind please explain..?

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