Kobbari Noone – Non Stop Comedy Short Film by – Harsha Annavarapu – CY Arts

Kobbari Noone Non Stop Comedy Shot Film by Harsha Annavarapu More Comedy Short Films – http://teluguone.com/shortfilms/films/categorywise-3.html Free Movies …

24 Responses to “Kobbari Noone – Non Stop Comedy Short Film by – Harsha Annavarapu – CY Arts”

  1. Revanth Chakrapani says:

    Yukkk To the Power of infinite.. I agree…
    Natural ani evado kkusaadu.. Arey Natural ani cow ni pick cheskoni
    chupinchaali daani dung ni kaadu.. Adhi naturaleee…?

  2. shiva m says:

    kobaari shruthi cinema motham thane nice xpressions shruthi eyes tho magic

  3. Prudvi Kamtam says:

    Yukkk i hate this?????

  4. ram krishna says:

    bayya kobbari nooney super…. nivi inka m iyna unaya brother?

  5. vinod vino says:

    Nice and natural acting both of you good for time pass :)?

  6. Sekhar kanaka says:

    apara james???? …chetha dialogue and what kind of overacting is that guys
    I can say that all the positive comments were from self known. I am not
    criticizing but just saying the fact so that u guys can come with new
    concept adding real fun into it since u guys are good at editing
    cinematography and screenplay. seriously guys, this became a little over
    from middle of the film. I am sorry to say but it really sucks. ?

  7. prem raj says:


  8. c rakesh says:

    dialogues danchesaru…..?

  9. joshi krishna says:

    awsome videooooooooooooooooooo?

  10. harish jevan says:

    One of best comedy short film I had ever watch?

  11. Manikya Kalyan says:

    Hi Boss..Such a good film i have watch
    u have done Grt Job
    I didn’t feel it is short film you guys edited in such wonderful …If any
    more films are there let me know….?

  12. Shirisha Koduru says:


  13. Krishna Kumar says:

    Time waste 🙁 ?

  14. Srikanth Garlapati says:

    Good work kids. Better story line will make it a big hit. The girl might
    soon appear as heroine?

  15. govardhan reddy says:

    superr guyzzzz
    marii aa angry birds sound vundhi chudoo awesome
    great job..
    keep it up
    heyy SATRAM nee acting superb
    really nee facial expression ultimate?

  16. hari ram prasad ramisetti says:

    You people don a great job guys…. Expressions are awesome…. ?

  17. Praveen Chebolu says:

    Nice dudes. Keep it up. Read all the comments, people will always try to
    pull down. Never care and go in Ur own way and prove Urself.?

  18. Munna Srinivas says:

    chata laga undi?


    VERY FUNNY,did a good job..?

  20. anil kumar says:

    Bokka laaga undi antha lag nduku ra…?Short film ante mundu nto telusukuni
    aa tarwatha teeyandi.?

  21. suri babu Pudota says:

    so fanny ?

  22. Hari Babu says:

    Dont know how 3L viewers for this short film..Can you pls share how to
    promote the short films.. we too did a short film titled Rajani Gajani but
    only 500 viewers… :)?

  23. Dhananjay D says:

    pichi pulka director and actors ?

  24. sai prasad othuru says:

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