Know How 4: Setting up a Media Server

Get the know how to access your movies and music around the house by easily setting up a media server. There are lots of options out there, but today Leo & I…

24 Responses to “Know How 4: Setting up a Media Server”

  1. Stuart Mortimore says:

    Leo is an idiot, fuck off! Patronising, condescending prick.?

  2. Miles Peterson says:

    I have Plex running on my PC but I can’t seem to get into the interface (
    14:29). I can open it up in a tab just fine in Chrome or Firefox or
    whatever, but I can’t get the media to display in this way.?

  3. rickdt1 says:

    Dude with the grey hair: Please shut the fuck up when the other dude is
    talking. I know you’re super stoked to be on the interwebs and all but
    maybe it’d be nice not to interrupt the co-host when he’s trying to explain
    something technical. Jeez shut up for a second.?

  4. PriVacy Matters says:

    Respect Leo! They guy is a legend in the computing world! You are lame if
    you don’t know who he is!?

  5. Deepwinter says:

    Leo’s Left handed OMG I am disgusted i am unsubscribing right now. ?

  6. Autocratic Attitude says:

    Leo you are really annoying,let him speak ffs?

  7. Richard Graham says:

    Jesus, get rid of that dumb old fart that keeps interrupting all the time,
    he is nothing more than an irritation.?

  8. Josh Buis says:

    my plex plus pass does cost … gives you free ios and android apps ?

  9. TheDiceAreLoaded says:

    This video would have been 5 minutes if that fat bumbling slob would’ve
    shut the fuck up?

  10. bigdaddymex2003 says:

    WOW you guys made this waaaaaaay to Difficult!!!! come on guys just put it
    lames terms keep it KISS!!! Leo should just shut up OMG?

  11. Mr. Meseeks says:

    A tip to save you $5: instead of using the Plex mobile app on iOS or
    Android, (I don’t know about Windows Phone) download VLC. You can use the
    Local Network function to stream from your Plex server. (Make sure you have
    DLNA enabled on server.)?

  12. Shivanand Gunness says:

    how much does a media server cost??

  13. Theprophet1990 says:

    I got plexmbc a plex app for XBMC running on my 35$ raspberry pi with a
    wifi dongle i got for like $10. Using my laptop and streaming everything no
    issues, it handles 1080p video. Great thing about the pi is it runs of usb
    power connected to a port on my TV. Its a neat little thing and a clean
    alternative for those without smart TV’s or gaming consoles to stream
    media. ?

  14. ARKIN JOHNSON says:

    Missing Iyaz ?

  15. Free2Bnisi says:

    Is he serious with chalk board? Unbelievable!!!?

  16. Jonathan Martinez says:

    Leo is still great!?

  17. John Costello says:

    shut up black shirt?

  18. N Smith says:

    black shirt is an annoying motherfucker?

  19. bayouroads says:

    Ohhhh. Wish I saw this 3 yrs ago when I bought the smart tv! Now I just got
    game consoles on all the other TVs for those services :/ So that’s what I
    needed! :D?

  20. Gary Coumont says:

    I love your format. Leo does a really get job of asking Iyaz to clarify
    stuff on the fly. Some people left negative comments, however for people
    that have never tried this; its great information. I also like the use of
    the black board. I use a white board all the time at work.
    Great job. It clarified a lot of my misconceptions! ?

  21. martin cullen says:

    liked it because it was fantastic presentation, easy to follow,?

  22. Simon Hjelm says:

    Awesome work guys, big thumbs up!?

  23. Wash_Your_Fruits says:

    I miss techTV. Replaced with yet another How dumb can I be for ratings

    PS: Yea, I know, old news, old rant but, still I miss it.?

  24. Jose Berrios says:

    Love the interaction between both. I am really enjoying learning from you

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