Klingande – Jubel (Official Video HD)

Klingande - Jubel (Official Video HD)

Get the single „Jubel” here: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/jubel-klingande Amazon digital: http://amzn.to/17Ltnds Directed by Michael Johansson & Johan Rosell ?…

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  1. Kontor.TV says:

    Proud to have another 50 Mio. views hit on Kontor.TV!?

  2. Kontor.TV says:

    This track is ideal to get up!?

  3. Kontor.TV says:

    Wow, nearly 17 Mio views for Klingande’s “Jubel”! Thanks for your support!?

  4. Julia Szrage says:
  5. Kontor.TV says:

    Klingande – Jubel (Official Video HD)?

  6. TheOverLord says:

    Love this ??

  7. Elizaveta Dukach says:

    ????? ??????? ???? ! :))?

  8. Krysia Nowak says:
  9. Maria K says:

  10. Bobby Car says:



  11. Sonja McLeod says:

    This is a Beauty! Sax tracks ever…?

  12. Elis Erlen says:

    Good! Great song, nice video, nice ambience.?

  13. perfecttrunks2000 says:

    anyone know who is the female actress wearing flannel in this video??

  14. Bebebopper Jazz says:

    This is a French DJ 😉
    All Deep House today lol?

  15. Apollo Smile says:

    71,152,323 views and 71,152,323 with no life lol?

  16. Freak'dGamesNL says:

    2:44 illuminati confirmed??

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